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Triscon is providing services that focus on all aspects of performance testing to achieve high speed, scalability, and stability of our clients’ software. Our performance engineers can guide you through the whole process of performance testing by providing best practices for test design and test strategies, setting up infrastructure as well as reporting. In addition to providing workshops and training, we offer to carry out performance tests for your systems on a regular basis or one time only.

The final output of a performance test is usually a report that indicates the time required to carry out certain actions of a business process with your software. At Triscon our performance engineers go beyond reporting by identifying the actual bottlenecks and even performing code reviews. As we offer to play such an active role in fixing performance defects, all of our consultants are well-skilled software engineers.

We are located in Vienna and we provide services across sectors for regional as well as international clients. In addition to performance testing, our services also include test automation and software engineering.

How Triscon uses NeoLoad

We use Neoload to carry out performance tests for the IT systems of our clients. In the majority of cases our target systems are web applications or web services. In addition to Neoload’s capabilities of measuring response times of business processes under load, we also use its functionality to monitor individual components during a test, which ultimately allows us to identify and understand the cause of performance defects. If performance tests are carried out repeatedly, there is usually a significant amount of time spent for maintaining test scripts. Therefore, we use Neoload’s functionality to generate and update scripts from Selenium-automated tests. This allows us to carry out tests repeatedly with low costs for maintenance.

The solution

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