Continuous Performance Validation:

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You care about your users. Your users care about performance.

Neotys helps companies create faster applications and deliver new features in less time using collaborative and automated load testing and performance monitoring tools across the application lifecycle.

Load Testing with NeoLoad

Performance Monitoring with NeoSense

“We used NeoLoad on an Oracle Forms application and the new user path update feature reduced our script refactoring time by 90% (from 60 hours down to 6 hours). NeoLoad was already faster than the other performance testing tools on the market, but this latest release makes our performance testers more efficient than we thought possible.”
Vibhu Dureha

Software Dev Senior Engineer, Dell

Continuous Performance Validation for Delivering Faster Apps

  • Faster performing apps
  • Quicker time to market
  • More efficient collaboration

World’s Most Complete Mobile Performance Solution

  • Validate performance under realistic network conditions
  • Record any mobile app
  • Simulate any mobile device or browser
  • Measure end-user experience under load

Agile, Automated and Continuous Performance Testing

  • Design tests 5-10x faster
  • Test earlier in the lifecycle
  • Automate with Continuous
  • Integration systems
  • Instantly verify SLA compliance
  • Simplify test collaboration

Easy Cloud Load Testing from Around the Globe

Choose any major cloud provider // Automatically provision in minutes // Scale infinitely // Pay-as-you-go

Proactive Transaction Monitoring in Production

  • Monitor any web or mobile app
  • Stay on top of live production performance issues
  • See the big picture quickly
  • Reduce MTTR

Streaming Media Performance

Validate performance of any streaming video or audio content – no more guessing about quality or lag

Smarter Testing in Production

Minimize risks while running load tests in production with analysis in real-time and full control over testing conditions

Comprehensive Web Performance

Test and monitor the performance of any web app with realistic conditions for all web and mobile users

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