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Automate API and Application Performance Testing


Continuous Performance Testing Platform

Application Testing
Accelerate end-to-end load testing for complex applications

Our customers tell it better

Executing over 25,000 tests across APIs and full applications with NeoLoad monthly.

Selected NeoLoad for all group wide performance testing activities, to standardize performance testing and to automate performance testing in a new DevOps approach. 

With NeoLoad, script design is 40% faster and script maintenance is 30% faster, compared to our legacy solution

Replaced LoadRunner with NeoLoad to performance test 50 applications quarterly. Reduced time to write and maintain test scripts by 60%.

Scripted tests using NeoLoad in 1 day, down from 4 days to write the same scripts in LoadRunner.

We migrated 50% of our testing from Performance Center to NeoLoad in 3 months and now script design and maintenance are 75% faster.

Latest happenings

Neotys offers load testing during Covid-19 crisis

To help those who require the most additional load and performance testing capacity, we are offering 60-day free NeoLoad licenses for government, non-government organizations (NGOs), not-for-profits, and organizations related to education or health care, for their projects that support society during this crisis.

NeoLoad 7.4 is available

Python Based Command Line Interface, Dynamic Infrastructure with Google GKE

Combine NeoLoad’s test as code with the new Python based CLI to automate performance testing. NeoLoad’s dynamic infrastructure now adds Google GKE to the list of supported cloud orchestrators.

Performance Advisory Council

22 PAC speakers
24h of presentation
Over a thousand attendees world wide

Stay tuned for the latest findings from the world’s performance experts in the field


Gartner Peer Insights awarded

NeoLoad is a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Software Test Automation for the second year in a row.

What makes NeoLoad unique


Native as code integration within CI pipelines


Faster test design and updates


Schedule and share resources across teams and applications