More Efficient and Reliable Performance Testing for

  • Ensuring that the SAP upgrade will be fast and reliable
  • Testing performance to secure SAP cloud migration, SAP ERP, and other SAP applications
  • Answering whether your app will deliver a positive user experience across web, SAP GUI, and mobile

SAP Performance Testing Content:

  • SAP testing article: “5 Challenges Associated with Performance Testing an SAP Application”
  • SAP solution page: Discover NeoLoad for performance testing SAP apps
  • SAP Webinar: Achieve Performance Testing Excellence for Your SAP Apps

Get the NeoLoad free edition – our performance testing platform including support for SAP GUI and Web.

NeoLoad is the load and performance testing platform that enables you to load test:

  • All SAP versions including traditional SAP GUI and SAP Web
  • All SAP products such as SAP Concur or SAP Success Factors
  • Any other application in support of your business

The best part – NeoLoad provides a single unified platform that will help you:

  • Accelerate testing cycles for complex system-wide load tests
  • Easily design and analyze performance tests to release with speed, reliability, and confidence
  • Limit the cost of testing: CAPEX (license cost) and OPEX (test execution cost) whether test completion is internal or external