Apposite Technologies

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 17835 Ventura Blvd #211, Encino, CA 91316, USA

Apposite Technologies’ offering

Netropy gives testers the ability to introduce network impairments when measuring the quality of mobile, cloud, video, or IoT applications. Cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite, and many other networks and conditions can be emulated in the lab at high scale without the need to run applications over real networks. Distance and network errors can be simulated with granular control of latency, packet loss, packet errors, and bandwidth constraints.

How Apposite Technologies uses NeoLoad

NeoLoad integrates with Apposite’s industry-leading virtual network emulator, Netropy. By using the combined solution, testers can evaluate true application performance under a host of real-world network conditions. By creating unique custom workloads and networks at scale, NeoLoad and Netropy ensure applications are ready for prime-time before going live.

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