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About them

Simple Solutions Systems or SIMSYS as we call ourselves is a Singapore Based IT Solutions Consultancy and Development Company. We specialize in System Infrastructure and Software Solution Development.

Today’s IT solutions are not only complex and far from user friendly, they are generally created with the principle of the user needing to know the system, rather than the system being tailored to the user.

Design refers to how an IT solution is laid out in a usable and friendly way. It is important to understand how users navigate through applications so as to tune the user experience.

Many of today’s IT solutions are designed in a System-Centric fashion whereby developed systems require the users to understand proprietary complexities, rather than being based on User-Centric designs. We strongly believe that an IT solution’s success hinges on your ability to use it – a system’s design must have been based upon the requirements of users.

At SIMSYS, we believe IT should mean an improvement in productivity, and that any solutions we provide should come with the utmost simplicity where it counts: to you and your business.