Technology Partner

About them

Inflectra is a privately held software company dedicated to making the best software testing, test management and automated testing tools that meet the needs of developers, testers, and planners.

Inflectra’s software tools allow users to effectively and affordably manage their software development and testing lifecycles, so as to decrease the time to market and increase return on investment.

Headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, Inflectra makes SpiraTest and Rapise. SpiraTest provides a complete test management solution, while Rapise is a powerful and extensible software test automation platform.

How Inflectra Corporation uses NeoLoad

SpiraTest and RemoteLaunch have a plugin for NeoLoad, which executes tests managed and scheduled in SpiraTest. The tests are executed in NeoLoad and the results are transmitted back to SpiraTest for reporting and analysis. With SLA-level reporting, performance testing is easily integrated into project lifecycle.

Rapise has out of the box integration with NeoLoad, which lets users use existing Rapise test scripts already recorded and seamlessly convert them into NeoLoad performance scenarios.

In addition, users can execute synchronized Rapise and NeoLoad tests to test the performance of the user interface with Rapise at the same time as stress-testing the back-end services with NeoLoad