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About them

Experitest enables organizations to rapidly release better quality digital applications to the market. Its SeeTest SaaS-based Continuous Testing Platform enables web & mobile application testing across 2,000+ browsers and real mobile devices and under real end-user conditions. The SeeTest platform includes functional and visual test automation, manual testing, and performance testing, and seamlessly integrates with tools throughout the DevOps pipeline (e.g., Appium, Selenium, Jenkins, Eclipse, XCUITest, Espresso and more). For more information, contact Experitest at support@experitest.com or visit: www.experitest.com

Experitest’s offering

Functional Testing 
Automated and manual, for web and mobile applications. With SeeTest you can test the new functionality of your mobile application or website by interacting with physical mobile devices or desktop browsers in real-time from your browser. You can easily create and run large scale tests across 1000+ real iOS and Android devices, emulators and simulators or desktop browser versions. The solution can be hosted in Experitest’s global data centers or installed on your premise.

Performance testing 
Experitest offers full transaction-based performance testing, with metrics like test duration, speed index, battery, network traffic, CPU, memory and network HAR recording & viewer. Full support for performance testing as part of the continuous testing pipeline.

Experitest enables manual and automated accessibility testing, including test development and execution. Validates accessibility identifiers and tests usability for the visually impaired.

Analytics and Reporting
Full feature coverage of analytics for performance with email alerts: grouping, transaction thresholds and built-in email alerts, allowing to create a baseline and quickly identify deviations. Experitest allows execution and analysis of tests on both web and mobile. View root cause analysis, and obtain AI insights into the test execution.

Test Creation
Appium Studio allows you to test iOS apps on Windows or MAC, and easily write stable tests with a Device Reflection and Object Spy. It also allows you to shorten the feedback cycle with visual reports, and Test integrations with system and 3rd party apps. immediate OS version and beta support is also included.

Experitest’s platform benefits:

1. Integrations, Developer Tools and Full Support for Open Source
Experitest offers a full offering for developers: Integration with XCode, Android Studio, XCUITest and Espresso. Local testing from a local or staging environment and live debugging directly from the execution grid. SeeTest seamlessly integrates with your existing development tools & IDE’s, testing frameworks and continuous integration (CI) environments.
2. Experitest’s Solution is available as SaaS, On-Premise and a Hybrid solution.
3. Multiple Region Availability – Data Centers are available worldwide in all relevant locations with multi-region functionality. A single cloud supporting devices from multiple regions. All of the data centers are SOC2 & ISO 27001 certified.
4. Enterprise Support 24/7 – Experitest delivers 24/7 support including bug fix support and a full transparent roadmap.
5. Scale- SeeTest Platform is highly scalable, running millions of tests per day.
Experitest runs 5 times more devices per machine compared to competitors, leading to a lower price point for the customer.