Independent Software Vendor Program

As an ISV ourselves, we understand how critical are the quality and performance of our products. Fellow software vendors have the same needs: test internally their code and software and also guarantee, externally, their performance within their customers’ environment. The ISV Partner program was specifically created to cater for both sets of needs: spreading the use of load testing with NeoLoad in R&D departments, and also propose to willing customers the load test of their solutions during implementation, upgrade, or migration to cloud or mobile versions.

Why should you become a Neotys ISV Partner?

Performance-based services on an as-needed basis to help your customers optimize their existing solution infrastructure, whether it’s deployed on premise or in the cloud. Providing such services can help them identify and address potential technical challenges to determine accurate database requirements, improve response time, and minimize downtime to ultimately minimize costs.

At Neotys, our goal is to be the partner of your software quality: we wish to make you, in the eyes of your customers, a better software provider — which is why we provide a wide range of free resources and tangible benefits including a mix of technical enablement, marketing advantages, and new business opportunities!

Become a Neotys ISV partner and work through two workshops with Neotys Professional Services to reap tangible benefits, including a turnkey performance testing delivery model.

Key Benefits

  • Manage risk: Identify and address potential technical issues before they impact users
  • Improve response time: Reduce response time and validate acceptable performance parameters
  • Accurately predict system needs: Provide precise sizing recommendations for large systems
  • Reduce system downtime: Proactively prevent system issues to maximize performance for users
  • Cut support costs: Eliminate before they might occur technical issues and glitches
  • Boost customer satisfaction: Benefit from our market expertise to build a lasting relationship with your customers.

Two Modes of Delivery

The Neotys ISV program allows two modes of testing service delivery:

Internal delivery

The ISV chooses to enable its own consulting team to perform the tests. A specific workshop will provide comprehensive training and certification to capitalize on the teams domain knowledge expertise.

External delivery

The ISV can rely on its existing service partners or leverage Neotys Service Partners ecosystem:

  • Professional performance testers
  • Certified experts on NeoLoad

Trained on the latest technologies and versions of NeoLoad, these service partners are local and international players who have been rigorously selected by Neotys.

After careful review with the ISV, Neotys will connect the appropriate service partner and oversee the set up process.