6.10 to 7.1 OVERVIEW
Wednesday, December 18th, 10:00 am EST

NeoLoad continuously delivers new features to support performance testing automation from APIs to end-to-end application testing. This webinar covers NeoLoad new capabilities from NeoLoad 6.10 to the most recent 7.1 release (Nov 25).

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Create, run and manage performance tests as code via a standalone YAML file or multiple semantic files
  • Collaborate, share and manage all test assets through the native GIT/NeoLoad integration
  • Use OpenShift dynamic infrastructure capability for load tests
  • Integrate NeoLoad load tests in Docker friendly Continuous Integration pipelines such as GitLab, AWS CodeBuild and Azure DevOps.
  • Reserve load testing infrastructure (controllers and load generators) and virtual users and avoid testing schedule conflicts among the teams.
  • Schedule your tests to leverage your test infrastructure during off-business hours.
  • Test Citrix with NeoLoad with a compact set of Citrix actions for a better readability and easier to maintain scripts


Kristen Webb
Director of Product Marketing

Kristen runs product marketing at Neotys. She oversees how NeoLoad is brought to market and represents the voice of the customer in R&D and in all communications.

Stephane Mader
NeoLoad Product Manager

Stéphane is the NeoLoad Product Manager. He analyzes the needs of users and deduces the attributes of the best performance test platform that can be developed.