MongoDB Monitoring

These monitors collect the main performance statistics for MongoDB database servers. The data collected will help you evaluate your database’s performance during the load test and pinpoint any problems related either to the application’s development or to the various server parameter settings.


  • Preconfigured Monitoring: Each module ships pre-configured with the performance counters tailored to your system.
  • Threshold Alerts: NeoLoad provides threshold values –derived from industry best practices- to raise the appropriate alerts.
  • Agentless Monitoring: The design of our monitoring modules, based on industry standards, ensures non-intrusive remote monitoring.
  • Real Time: The counter values and the threshold alerts are available as soon as the test is run.
  • Import: Import data from external monitoring tools.

Note: All the modules are included with the free edition.

Performance Counters

Below is a list of categories of counters (with predefined thresholds where possible) for MongoDB monitoring:

  • Database operations
  • Assertions (errors)
  • Memory
  • Index counters
  • Locks
  • Current queue
  • Background flushing
  • Connections
  • Cursors
  • Network
  • Page faults record stats
  • Journaling
  • Slow operations
  • Replication

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