Load Testing Web Services Applications

You use REST or SOAP Web Services!

You have an SOA architecture structuring your Web services? You want the advantages of a modern, component-based structure and the ability to quickly adapt to business developments? This type of approach implies greater demands in terms of both managing component versions and validating services developed by different teams. Furthermore, reusing the components in different application contexts produces more numerous use cases, hence the need for more extensive testing and robust monitoring.

Neotys is ready!


Neotys allows you test and monitor RESTful web services thanks to:

  • Native support of all HTTP Methods: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE HEAD, OPTIONS
  • JSON support to transform JSON requests and responses into XML format for improved efficiency when extracting data from responses, validating data or injecting values

SOAP Support

With Neotys’ SOAP support, you can create SOAP requests using WSDL descriptor files. There are two advantages to this:

  • Time saving: the arguments are validated by the interface; the graphical design ensures that the request’s syntax is correct. Only those arguments that are possible are proposed during the request configuration.
  • Ability to test the server before the client is ready, since the traffic doesn’t need to be recorded to be played back.

Neotys supports WS-Security and automatically handles encoding the special characters in the inserted variables, depending on the insertion location: attribute or value.  

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