Load Testing & Monitoring Java Serialization Applications

You use Java Serialization over HTTP, for Example Spring’s HTTP Invoker!

You have an application using client-side Java (applet, stand-alone, JNLP) that is accessed via your company’s intranet or over the Internet. By using direct Java object to Java object communication, you save on design time.

Neotys is Ready!

“Java Serialization” Support

Since communication based on the exchange of serialized Java objects uses data in binary format, testing and monitoring this type of application requires Java Serialization to be specifically supported. Neotys’ Java Serialization support allows you to:

  • Record the objects serialized via HTTP to be played back (not required for text or XML traffic).
  • Extract/replace data during the test in order to variabilize the calls (the data is presented in XML format in the scenario).
  • Handle gzip compression transparently.

Neotys supports the Spring HTTP invoker’s remote access method as well as objects serialized directly in the stream. RMI over HTTP is not yet supported.

“Make sure it works!”

Thanks to Neotys, you can create scenarios to stress test and monitor your “Java Serialization” applications’ behavior and validate their performance while pinpointing any weaknesses. Realistically testing and monitoring your Java Serialization applications using NeoLoad and NeoSense means you can deliver better performance to your customers at a lower total cost of ownership.

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