Streaming Video/Audio Performance Testing and Monitoring

NeoLoad tests and monitors streaming video and audio performance by detecting the media requests of an application, by simulating client/media players and providing specific statistics related to the quality of video and audio playback. Because streaming media consumes lots of server and network resources, NeoLoad helps you make sure your infrastructure is ready to handle these demands

The Challenges of Load Testing Streaming Media

When it comes to load and performance testing streaming media, the interaction between the client and server is incredibly complex, making it more difficult to simulate in load tests. Various load and performance testing challenges will also arise depending on the way you choose to deliver content to users (e.g., adaptive download vs. CDN).

Just to use one example to illustrate the range of challenges with this type of load testing, the quality of the video streaming can vary over time as different “chunks” of data arrive at the streaming endpoint. Another point is that adaptive streaming performance cannot be tested as straightforwardly as older protocols like progressive download since testers are not able to simply record the playback of adaptive streaming content. Simply recording an adaptive bitrate streaming scenario would create an unrepresentative list of files that wouldn’t align with real user conditions regarding network and CPU usage. Replaying this kind of recorded traffic wouldn’t allow you to reproduce realistic use cases.

Finally, several protocol streams may be involved in delivering the same content source to the streaming endpoint, depending on the device, which is yet another level of complexity that performance testers must take under consideration.

The flexibility to handle complex challenges like load testing streaming media is why you need NeoLoad, which allows for Load Testing with realistic and representative scenarios that represent the types of media traffic on your platform.

Validate Performance of Any Media

All the latest streaming protocols and formats supported

  • Adaptive bitrate streaming (HLS, HDS, Smooth, MPEG-dash)
  • Progressive download

Get Actionable Insights around Media Performance

  • Media performance metrics like lag length
  • Media quality metrics like bitrate
Validate Performance of Any Media
Guarantee Streaming Performance for Web & Mobile User

Guarantee Streaming Performance for Web & Mobile User

  • Network virtualization
  • Mobile device and web browser simulation (with the help of several integrations)
  • Device and browser metrics under load

Media Technologies Supported by NeoLoad

  • Adobe RTMP
  • FLEX
  • Adaptive Streaming
  • Progressive Download
Streaming Media Technologies Supported by NeoLoad