SAP Performance and Load Testing Automation

Performance Testing SAP Platform is Business Critical

SAP ERP, SuccessFactors, Concur, Hybris or Ariba are some of the many business-critical SAP applications used widely in enterprise organizations. Day-to-day business operations depend on these applications to perform reliably. Rigorous testing is required to identify any performance bottlenecks applications present under heavy load and to gain insight into application performance trends over time. Otherwise, performance degradation can slow business to a crawl. NeoLoad, the leading performance testing platform, automates and accelerates performance testing to let testers deliver quality assurance for all SAP applications.

What is SAP Testing?

SAP (System Applications and Products) performance testing is required to ensure that every critical SAP process will be operational when deployed in production.

The ecosystem of SAP products is vast, and the number of tests can be substantial. There are also SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) processes that need to be tested – for example, SD (Sales and Distribution), MM (Materials Management), or FI (Financial Accounting). Beyond that, there are many critical SAP applications like SuccessFactors, Concur, Hybris, or Ariba.

SAP is not standardized, and performance tests are required due to new service implementations, migrations to SAP HANA/the Cloud, updates of current transaction behavior or any change that may affect the software in production. Since SAP applications are the backbone of business operations, they cannot fail in production, thereby risking employee productivity impact, customer satisfaction, or even an organization’s revenue.

Why performance testing of SAP Application is important?
Performance testing is expected and instrumental in helping to answer four critical questions before deployment into production:


  1. Can my SAP application sustain the expected load (number of simultaneous users)? This type of testing is used to ensure SAP applications’ reliability, stability, and endurance.
  2. Is my SAP application operating as quickly as it should be? For example, how long does it take to submit a sales order? This type of testing is conducted to ensure SAP applications’ velocity.
  3. How well can my SAP application perform within its current infrastructure? How far can it go in terms of load? What is the maximum number of users the system can handle? Such stress testing aims to identify scalability of the SAP application.
  4. What is the optimum infrastructure required to operate my SAP application? This type of testing is applied to perform capacity planning, to determine proper infrastructure requirements today, and over time like 6 or 12 months.
How to test the performance of SAP application?
The typical SAP performance testing process has four steps:


  1. Test Strategy Definition:
    • What should be tested: Identify the components most heavily used or critical for the tests
    • Establish the performance KPIs: Use APM to measure application performance in production, collaborate with business teams to define SLAs
    • SAP test data availability is a challenge: Leverage production data copy and anonymizes it to avoid security challenges. Make sure you use the proper tool(s) to create artificial data
  2. Test Design:
    • Create realistic test scripts: Craft test scenarios for human users/batch processes
    • Variabilization is crucial and complex on SAP which requires that you make sure it’s done carefully
    • Simulate mobile users
    • To save time and be more efficient, re-use and convert functional test scripts for performance tests
  3. Test Runtime: SAP load tests are resource intensive, generating hundreds or thousands of virtual users is a technical challenge
    • Ensure that your testing infrastructure is available; use your testing platform to reserve test resources
    • Ensure that your load infrastructure can scale up to the number of virtual users required
  4. Test Analysis: this is critical since it will enable you to identify performance bottlenecks, their location
    • It’s hard to collect SAP monitoring data: Make sure you use SAP Sys Admins for data retrieval
    • Use SAP tools to monitor KPIs: NetWeaver monitor, SDF/Mon – NeoLoad provides built-in monitoring utility
    • Use APM tools to monitor the application behavior
    • Involve business teams in the test analysis
The 5 top challenges for SAP performance testing:
  1. Collaboration with SAP teams to understand how the application is used, what should be tested
  2. Enabling test data are available
  3. Creation of accurate test scripts representing complex usages realistically
  4. Scaling your load tests, leveraging an adapted performance test infrastructure
  5. Timing/complexity relative to the execution and analysis of performance tests using traditional tools

DELL Adopts NeoLoad SAP GUI to Build a One-Stop-Shop Performance Testing Platform for all their Applications

The Typical Use Cases for Performance and Load Testing SAP Applications

To maintain their competitive edge, enterprises are modernizing their SAP environments by upgrading to the latest versions, customizing their current SAP implementation and migrating to the Cloud. These changes place pressure on performance testing teams to ensure that the user experience meets expectations and performs reliability. Typical use cases include:

Deployment of a new SAP application or customize a current implementation
Comprehensive testing should be executed in a pre-production environment to ensure the new software will provide a good user experience under realistic load conditions, before opening the service to real users.

Upgrading to a new release

Although the software is heavily tested in SAP Labs, deploying a new release in an enterprise environment presents different variables and conditions. Performance testing that simulates the production environment before deployment is required.

Migration to the Cloud or SAP HANA

Modern cloud-based infrastructures or HANA technology provide considerable benefits to an enterprise. But these migrations are complex and require load and performance testing at all layers to mitigate performance bottlenecks.

NeoLoad: Validating SAP Application Performance

Using NeoLoad is critical for detecting and mitigating performance bottlenecks under heavy load for a wide range of SAP applications. With NeoLoad:

  • Simulate realistic load testing for SAP applications to validate SAP application performance and pinpoint any performance bottlenecks or weaknesses
  • Reduce the costs and headaches associated with performance testing complex or hybrid applications
  • Mitigate the risk of poor user experience

SAP Performance Testing Webinar

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NeoLoad: Performance Testing Excellence for All SAP Applications

Load and performance testing tools’ ability to simulate the specific use case of SAP applications is an essential prerequisite for testing and monitoring SAP applications. Performance testing tools must adapt to SAP platform updates to expedite testing. Teams managing SAP environments can benefit from NeoLoad’s faster-testing cycles, ease of use, and automation advantage.

Test entire enterprise business flows.
With NeoLoad, test every critical business process individually and the entire connected business process of your enterprise. NeoLoad realistically simulates user load for a variety of SAP applications such as SAP ERP, SuccessFactors, Concur, Hybris or Ariba over a range of user interfaces such as SAP GUI, Fiori or NetWeaver. NeoLoad adapts to test any standard or custom process.

Automate tests.
One of the main difficulties with load and performance testing is the time and effort it takes for teams to design and analyze tests. NeoLoad enables performance test automation and smart analysis, dramatically decreasing the time required to validate SAP applications’ performance.

Scale tests.
NeoLoad’s unique load testing technology enables testers to scale load and limit the cost of the load testing infrastructure and run tests under real load conditions.


NeoLoad SAP Platform Coverage

User Experience Web, NetWeaver, FIORI, SAP GUI

200 Applications

ERP (R3, S4), CRM, Hybris, SuccessFactors, Ariba, Concur, Fieldglass
PlatformSAP NetWeaver, SAP Cloud Platform
Technology Oracle, HANA

Ensure SAP Application Performance with NeoLoad

With NeoLoad, create test scenarios to test SAP applications’ behavior under stress to validate performance or identify any weaknesses. With NeoLoad:

  • Release SAP applications to production with confidence
  • Reduce the costs associated with performance testing
  • Mitigate business risk due to poor application performance

Leverage the market-leading performance testing platform NeoLoad brings – faster testing cycles, ease of use and automation – to performance testing teams in SAP environments.

  • Advance test automation (such as automatic NeoLoad User Path Update), test faster and lower the cost of performance testing and maintenance

Reuse SAP Functional Tests for Performance Tests

Tricentis Tosca Integration

Convert SAP GUI functional test assets from Tosca into performance tests in NeoLoad with one click. As functional scripts change, NeoLoad uses the changes to update the performance test automatically.

Testing the SAP Mobile User Experience

NeoLoad is mobile ready

Managing the differences between multiple browsers and mobile devices is a headache during the performance testing of modern mobile applications. With NeoLoad’s support of Open UI5, a JavaScript application framework, this is made easy UI5-based apps run on smartphones, tablets, and desktops – automatically adapting to each device’s capabilities. With NeoLoad, testers create mobile load tests that simulate users in the real world with a full variety of network conditions – multiple browsers, various devices, and disparate geographic locations.

SAP Web Applications

Testing all of the SAP Web applications is incredibly easy with NeoLoad. Record all applications accessed from the SAP login and replay virtual users to simulate realistic application usage under load.


NeoLoad supports SAP GUI test script recording and replays which enables testers to use one single solution to test all new and legacy SAP applications and user experiences.

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