Using NeoLoad for Performance Testing SAP Applications

Performance Testing is Business-Critical

Enterprise companies have come to rely on SAP applications like ECC, CRM, and S/4 HANA as business-critical in the areas of ERP/Digital Core, Analytics, and Business Intelligence. To maintain their competitive edge, Enterprises are modernizing their SAP environments by upgrading to the latest versions of S/4 HANA and Fiori 2.0.

These changes place pressure on performance testing teams to ensure that users always get a great application experience.

Because SAP applications are central to daily business operations, they must be rigorously tested to spot performance bottlenecks when applications come under heavy load and to gain insight into application performance trends over time. Otherwise, performance degradation can slow your business to a crawl.

NeoLoad: Validating SAP Application Performance

Without the use of advanced performance testing tools like NeoLoad, the task of reporting application performance slowdowns falls on internal users and customers, who are understandably focused on just getting their tasks completed. Using an advanced tool like NeoLoad is critical for detecting and mitigating performance under heavy load for a wide range of SAP applications.

With NeoLoad, you can:

  • Conduct realistic load testing for your SAP applications to validate SAP application performance and pinpoint any performance bottlenecks or weaknesses
  • Reduce the costs and headaches associated with performance testing complex or hybrid applications
  • Help mitigate the risk to your business due to poor user experience

NeoLoad: Performance Testing Excellence for SAP Applications

Your load and performance testing tools’ ability to take into account the specific nature of SAP applications is an essential prerequisite for testing and monitoring SAP applications. To be useful in these changing environments, a performance testing tools must be capable of automatically adapting to application updates to help speed up the work of testing. That’s why SAP environments can benefit from NeoLoad’s rich set of features and benefits – faster testing cycles, ease of use and automation advantage (for example, the NeoLoad User Path Update capability) over competing solutions.

Thanks to NeoLoad, you can create test scenarios to test your SAP applications’ behavior under stress and validate their performance, while pinpointing any weaknesses. With NeoLoad you can:

  • Enter the production phase with confidence
  • Reduce the costs associated with performance testing
  • Help mitigate the risk to your business due to poor application performance.

The technical value of the using NeoLoad to do SAP Application performance testing is that it brings the market-leading NeoLoad benefits – faster testing cycles, ease of use and automation – to performance testing teams in SAP environments.

  • Comprehensive SAP technology support for both SAP GUI and SAP Web-based application enables testing most popular SAP solutions – including SAP S/4 HANA and SAP Hybris-based applications
  • Advanced test automation (such as automatic NeoLoad User Path Update) speeds up testing and lowers the overall cost of performance testing and maintenance

SAP – NeoLoad Integration Technical Details

sap neoload integration

NeoLoad is Mobile-Ready

NeoLoad is mobile ready

Managing the differences between many different browsers and mobile devices can be a headache for performance testing modern mobile applications without NeoLoad’s support for Open UI5, a JavaScript application framework. UI5-based apps run on smartphones, tablets, and desktops – automatically adapting to each device’s capabilities.

NeoLoad lets testers create realistic mobile load tests that accurately represent real users in the real world – with different network conditions, a variety of browsers and specific devices and geographic locations.

  • Record Any Mobile App
  • Validate Performance Under Realistic Network Conditions
  • Ensure Performance on Real Devices & Browsers Under Load

SAP Web Applications

Testing and monitoring all of your SAP Web applications (SAP ERP, SAP Business Objects (BO), SAP Hybris) is incredibly easy with the NeoLoad SAP recorder. This function records all applications accessed from your SAP logon to obtain the SAP GUI user path. During replay, these SAP GUI virtual users are used in conjunction with NeoLoad load generators to pilot SAP Logon Clients. Neoload makestesting web-based applications fast and easy with advanced capabilities in the areas of:

SAP Web Applications

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