Continuous Performance Testing for IoT and Shared Applications

NeoLoad delivers the capabilities teams need to create realistic IoT load and performance testing scenarios. You can quickly and efficiently create tests and monitoring profiles that accurately represent your real users regarding network conditions and geographic locations.

Ensure Reliable Operation Under Load for Connected Devices Across Complex, Distributed Infrastructures

In today’s app-driven and IoT world, consistent application performance equals end-user satisfaction and engagement – which directly impacts business growth and performance. After all, when you dim a smart light bulb using an app or turn up a smart thermostat, you expect that it will just work. Meeting these expectations is what separates good IoT solutions from great ones. And the only way to know your solution will perform in real-world use cases and conditions is through performance testing. Depending on the application, performance could even be considered life-critical, because it could impact the security of a human being, such as in the case of a smart health kiosk or self-driving car. The complexity imposed by the always-on connection to servers and atypical loads presented by these shared Applications and diverse endpoints can make it challenging to get realistic testing results with manual tools. But, testing early and often using an effective load testing solution, speeds up testing by automating wherever possible. The result is you can pinpoint and address performance issues earlier in the lifecycle. The Neotys Cloud Platform (fully integrated into NeoLoad) enables on-demand testing from multiple cloud providers and many geographic locations with a pay-as-you-go licensing model. Run cloud-only or hybrid cloud load tests to get the most realistic, geographically distributed understanding of your app’s overall performance, including the network constraints imposed by the Wide-Area Network (WAN).

Key Differences between Traditional Performance Testing and IoT Performance Testing

Key differencesTraditional Performance TestingIoT Performance Testing
SimulationSimulation of usersSimulation of virtual gateways
ScaleHundreds to thousandsThousands to Millions
Amount of DataLarge amount of data per requestMinimal data per request but data is shared continuously with time interval
ProtocolsStandard communications protocolsNon-standard and new/device-specific protocols
Requests/ResponseUsers create the request and receive the responseResponses are sent and received through virtual gateways to real devices. Response time includes time to travel a message from an Endpoint to the end user application.
NeoLoad Load testing IoT Shared Applications

Load Testing the IoT Shared Application

  • Simulate the behavior of thousands of virtual IoT gateways connecting to a shared application
  • Load generated from the Cloud to realistically simulate your network of IoT gateways
  • NeoLoad simulates the behavior of gateways including sending and receiving messages

Load Test at Scale with Confidence

  • Test using the Neotys Cloud Platform (fully integrated into NeoLoad)
  • Choose from any of the major cloud providers, over 70 locations around the globe
  • Hundreds of servers at each Neotys Cloud Platform location
  • Wan emulation will allow you to include the network constraints of the endpoints

NeoLoad – More Realistic Than Just Sending Packets

  • NeoLoad simulates security/authentication transactions initiated with the shared application by gateways
  • NeoLoad replays protocols like MQTT, WebSocket or REST, used to support communications between gateways and shared applications
  • Advanced custom action SDK allows your team to add your custom IOT protocol in NeoLoad
NeoLoad simulates transactions with shared application by gateways
NeoLoad IoT Protocol Support (MQTT)

Example – IoT Protocol Support (MQTT)

NeoLoad supports the MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol for load testing “real world” devices, using a NeoLoad advanced action. This capability makes it easier than ever to performance test connected cars, planes, air conditioners, refrigerators, and any other machines using the MQTT protocol.

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