DevOps Load Testing Automation

NeoLoad is the platform built to enable DevOps Load Testing and collaboration across Dev, QA, and Ops. It covers testing requirements from API performance testing usually executed by developers to system-wide performance testing done by performance engineers during the pre-production phase and sometimes in production.
Because it is collaborative NeoLoad enables DevOps Testing teams to get a common view of application reliability and speed at every stage of the development, to identify and fix performance bottlenecks earlier.
devops load testing process

Continuous Performance Testing Platform

  • Load test across the software development lifecycle: APIs, components, microservices, and system-wide
  • Expand load testing capability within the DevOps team. NeoLoad is easy to learn and use, ideally suited for developers and non-experts

Automated Load Test Execution

  • NeoLoad integrates load testing with any CI server
  • Performance test metrics translate into pass/fail results to automate your Continuous Delivery pipeline
continuous integration with agile testing tool
DevOps tool chain integration

Best-of-Breed Integration in Your DevOps Toolchain

  • Out-of-the-box plugins for Continuous Integration, functional testing tools, and Application Performance Management systems
  • NeoLoad load injectors available as Docker containers
  • Command line interface to automate tests with any toolchain
  • NeoLoad provides APIs to pilot/be piloted by third-party tools and to share test data

Built for DevOps Collaboration

  • Developers and testers can easily collaborate with anyone involved in performance test execution or analysis, using a web-based interface
  • DevOps teams track test results at run-time and compare with those from baseline/completed test
  • Share any test assets: scripts, reports and dashboards, licenses
collaboration within agile testing team