DevOps Performance Testing Automation


NeoLoad is a tool built for DevOps performance testing so that you can get pass/fail performance results on every build before it’s deployed to production. Developers and testers can ship tests with code and automatically update current user paths or create new ones that will be executed by the team’s DevOps toolchain.

We used NeoLoad 5.2 on an Oracle Forms application and the new user path update feature reduced our script refactoring time by 90% (from 60 hours down to 6 hours). NeoLoad was already faster than the other performance testing tools on the market, but this latest release makes our performance testers more efficient than we thought possible.

Vibhu Dureha

Software Dev Senior Engineer, Dell

Automated Execution with Any DevOps Toolchain

  • Command line interface to automate tests with any toolchain
  • Out-of-the-box plug-ins for Jenkins, TeamCity, and Bamboo Continuous Integration

Pass/Fail Results for Continuous Deployment

  • Turn performance service level agreements into pass/fail unit tests
  • JUnit results enable Continuous Deployment automation based on performance

API, Microservices & Component Testing

  • Test components at the API, microservices, web services level – no GUI required
  • SOAP and REST fully supported

Distribute to All Developers and Testers

  • Simple for all developers and testers to learn
  • Collaboration server to share all test designs and results
  • Shared license so you can leverage your whole team – not just one or two performance experts

Redesign Test Scripts Faster

  • Script maintenance in 1/10th the initial design time
  • Automatic application change indentification
  • Redesign assistance & automation

Automatically Monitor Same Test Cases in Production

  • Automatically deploy latest test scripts to NeoSense for production monitoring
  • Leverage the same test cases and SLAs at every stage of the continuous delivery pipeline