Continuous Performance Load Testing for Fast and Reliable Application Delivery

Continuous performance load testing is how organizations deal with the user expectation of speed and quality every time. Continuous testing means starting the test early in the development phases (component level), adapting your testing strategy for each application lifecycle stage – from integration performance tests to full system-wide load testing.

Continuous performance load testing requires automation, collaboration, and integration within your toolchain to enable Agile and DevOps teams support their performance engineering effort.

Continuous Performance Validation

Development: Testing Components, APIs, and Microservices

  • Pass/fail performance SLA validation on every build from any CI server
  • Build-to-build performance trend charts available quickly
  • Easy test script design interface for developers
Development Testing Components
Integration: Non-regression Performance Testing

Integration: Non-regression Performance Testing

  • Design full application performance test scenarios
  • Performance trend charts for non-regression testing
  • Generate 100s of virtual users

Pre-production: System-wide Load Testing

  • Design complex application performance test faster
  • NeoLoad Smart Analyzer – identify performance bottlenecks immediately
  • Integration with APM solution to monitor and analyze test environments at code level
Pre-production: System-wide Load Testing

Load Testing Automation

  • NeoLoad integrates with the most popular Continuous Integration servers like Jenkins, Bamboo, and TeamCity
  • Automatic pass/fail result based on performance SLAs retrieved directly from CI server or in NeoLoad
  • NeoLoad API – customize the way load testing integrates within your Continuous Delivery chain
Continuous Performance Validation

Collaboration & DevOps Enablement

Continuous performance testing requires collaboration across Dev, QA, and Ops teams. The NeoLoad platform enables Agile and DevOps team collaboration on test design, real-time test data and performance results review. Developers, testers, and everyone else responsible for performance can share a standard, real-time performance view, build-after-build up to the release.

Enterprise Performance Testing Platform

Experience the Benefits of Continuous Performance Testing

  • Faster performance of applications and better experiences for users
  • Quicker time to market for new features and enhancements
  • Easier interaction and greater efficiency across Dev, QA, Ops, and Business