Webinar: Why Agile Teams Need Performance Testing in Their Definition of Done

You’ll Learn:

  • Advantages of using “definition of done” for performance instead of non-functional stories
  • How to add performance testing to your “definition of done”
  • When completed user stories can skip performance testing
  • How to automate performance testing to keep pace with development

Whether you call it your “definition of done,” “list of constraints,” “global acceptance criteria,” or something else entirely, many agile teams rely on a documented, shared understanding of when a user story is complete. Oddly, performance testing is rarely mentioned.

Performance is becoming a crucial part of user experience, and user experience is becoming an integral part of development. It’s no longer an option to produce user stories for web and mobile apps where “working code” only works when the application isn’t under load.

Speakers: Tim Hinds, Director of Product Marketing, Neotys & Steve Weisfeldt, Senior Performance Engineer, Neotys