What’s New in NeoLoad 6.10 to 7.1 Overview

NeoLoad continuously delivers new features to support performance testing automation from APIs to end-to-end application testing. This webinar covers NeoLoad new capabilities from NeoLoad 6.10 to the most recent 7.1 release (Nov 25).

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Create, run and manage performance tests as code via a standalone YAML file or multiple semantic files
  • Collaborate, share and manage all test assets through the native GIT/NeoLoad integration
  • Use OpenShift dynamic infrastructure capability for load tests
  • Integrate NeoLoad load tests in Docker friendly Continuous Integration pipelines such as GitLab, AWS CodeBuild and Azure DevOps
  • Reserve load testing infrastructure (controllers and load generators) and virtual users and avoid testing schedule conflicts among the teams.
  • Schedule your tests to leverage your test infrastructure during off-business hours
  • Test Citrix with NeoLoad with a compact set of Citrix actions for a better readability and easier to maintain scripts

What's new in 6.10 to 7.1

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