Automating Go/No-Go Decisions in Continuous Pipelines

In a world where performance drop-offs cause more business loss than most other post-deployment problems, how do you ensure that software teams are spending their time on new, valuable work and not firefighting production issues? The answer is to integrate a continuous performance mindset into your automated software delivery process, to make changes in performance observable early and easy for people to take action.

Join the Neotys community and Paul Bruce, Sr. Performance Engineer with Neotys, as we unpack what it takes to move performance feedback loops out of the end-of-cycle lurch and back into everyday development using standard toolchain elements such as Jenkins, Kubernetes, Git, NeoLoad, and Slack.

Why Should You Attend?

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How fortune 100s deploy modern performance engineering practices at large scale to dozens of teams
  • What strategic, technical building blocks must be in place to run performance testing continuously
  • How longitudinal performance data helps to mitigate future architectural failures and technical debt
  • Which key considerations matter most when building out a progressive load testing process in CI

Automating Go/No-Go Performance Decisions in Continuous Pipelines

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