Success Story: Latitude Geographics Group Ltd.

Company Profile

A division of Latitude Geographics Group Ltd., Geocortex provides a suite of proven products, services and knowledge that organizations can use to deliver effective, successful web-based mapping using ESRI’s ArcGIS Server and ArcIMS. With success stories across North America, we help clients create top-notch web-based GIS implementations.


Geocortex Essentials is licensed software that provides core elements, user features, and developer architecture to simplify the process of constructing, customizing and managing real-world applications for ArcGIS Server.

We needed to determine how many concurrent users our web application could handle.

Application tested: web based application Protocols tested: http.


NeoLoad was chosen because of the price point and relative simplicity.

A typical web application session was recorded and replayed by incrementing the number of concurrent users until the CPU became maximized and response times degredaded.

Test Results and Added Value

The results indicated we could run approximately 30-50 concurrent users with our application on current dual processor hardware.