Chandresh GUPTA


Intelligent Automation in Performance Management

Business demands in Performance Management have grown. However, staff and funding have not. Incorporation of intelligent technologies can make specific performance management processes more efficient by reducing the human inputs needed.

With time, the layer between technology and businesses has become thinner and continues to be thinner with time forward. In the current world of technology evolution that’s going forward, it is imperative for a business to bind their business process with technology. Performance has always remained on the heart of the business performance and many a times is directly linked to revenue. To match up the pace, operations task have to be automated. Various IT stake holders such as system admin do the task that is assigned to him.

Eventually after carrying repetitive tasks, he gets bored and possibility of human error increases. DevOps is a life changing and good indeed. Everything is automated and readily available in framework. However, still one need to login into console to execute various commands. Often, landscape complexity with too many disparate apps and databases with other factors causes overhead and delays in performance management by 51%. The next level of automation through automation bots comes to rescue to make life fancier of IT admins and increase the productivity in performance management. The proposed framework supports two-speed IT architecture whilst being transformative and versatile which offers seamless error handling by incorporation intelligent technologies.


A highly motivated result oriented skilful digital transformation leader with extensive experience in the BFSI & retail industries across the EMEA and APAC region. Highly focussed on bringing digital transformation in application performance engineering, inducing performance engineering methodologies in IT operations in agile and DevOps – CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) pipeline by deploying non-functional testing techniques integrated with APM/DPM (application/ digital performance management) solution whilst focusing on continuous innovation to drive value to my clients by blending new age digital technology to improve businesses.