Automated Quality Gates in Performance Testing

You can achieve a high degree of automation even in test result analysis by combining the right tool set.

To keep up with the pace in continuous integration and continuous delivery, the automation of performance tests is inevitable. We want to show how to automate quality gates by utilizing NeoLoad, Dynatrace and Keptn in a live demo. We’d like to focus on how these individual components work together as well as on the benefits and challenges of this approach. Our goal is to perform and analyze load tests automatically by using appropriate Service Level Indicators and Service Level Objectives (SLIs/SLOs).

About Roman

I’m a former software developer with an MSc in Astrophysics from the University of Vienna and I’ve always felt attracted to complex problems. After gaining several years of experience in software engineering, I founded Triscon in 2018, a company where we are fully dedicated to all topics regarding performance engineering. We enjoy helping to evolve the newest approaches in performance monitoring and performance engineering, such as the automation of test design or DevOps approaches and the integration of performance tests in CI/CD pipelines. As a former software engineer, I personally enjoy going beyond performance testing to find and understand the nature and the root cause of a problem.