Mark Tomlinson



Observability for Performance Engineers

Learn about #olly (observability) and how it relates to performance.

What’s all the buzz about #olly (observability) with all this “needle in the haystack” and “digging in” and “observing stuff” language? Haven’t we been doing this with our monitoring and logging and diagnostics tools already? And what does this have to do with pre-release performance engineering, testing and systems design? Well, I recently had a wake-up call about observability and I’d like to share what I learned with you. How it IS different from what we do today. How you can leverage ideas about observability in your performance work. And how you’ll find you might already be doing these things without even knowing it!

About Mark

Mark Tomlinson is a performance engineering and software testing consultant. His career began in 1992 with a comprehensive two-year test for a life-critical transportation system, a project which captured his interest for software testing, quality assurance, and test automation. That first test project sought to prevent trains from running into each other — and Mark has metaphorically been preventing “train wrecks” for his customers for the past 24 years. He has broad experience with real-world scenario testing of large and complex systems and is regarded as a leading expert in software testing automation with a specific emphasis on performance.

For the majority of Mark’s career he has worked for companies as a testing practitioner and consultant using the leading products for performance testing, profiling and measurement.

Mark worked at Microsoft Corporation as a performance consultant and engineer in various labs. He worked as the LoadRunner Product Manager at HP Software, helping to deliver leading innovations for performance testing and engineering. He is the co-founder and host of the popular podcast PerfBytes.