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We are excited about the recent NeoLoad responses via Gartner Peer Insights and would like to give more of our users the opportunity to provide feedback. As a token of our appreciation, approved reviews are eligible to receive a $25 Visa gift card.

How to submit a review:

  1.  First, you will need to create your free Gartner Peer Insights account here: insert link (If you already have an account, use your login credentials).
  2. Once established, an email confirmation will be sent. Check your inbox to make sure you open and "confirm" when prompted.
  3. Login (if not already), locate, and select “Neotys” in the search form field.
  4. Kindly follow the review process accordingly.

Already responded? We appreciate your support and perspective! If you're interested in submitting another, note you will be eligible to receive a second gift card for your efforts (we ask that your subsequent response is a minimum of six months since your last).

Note neither your name nor your company will be displayed in the final review. Responses are attributed to your title, role, and company size/industry only. To ensure readability and authenticity, Gartner will evaluate all reviews before confirming acceptance (not all will be approved!). Once completed, you can expect a Gartner follow-up within ten business days.