The Load Testing Platform that Delivers Tests 10x Faster

Fast. Powerful, Realistic. NeoLoad is the only load testing platform covering you for both Cloud-ready apps, microservices architected apps, mobile and IoT apps and enterprise-grade packaged apps

Fast and Automated

Fast and Automated

  • Design tests 10x faster with scriptless GUI and test design automation
  • Maintain tests 20x faster with assisted script maintenance
  • Perform faster root cause analysis with smart analyzer
Superior Load Testing

Superior Load Testing

  • The most advanced load test designer and analyzer
  • Component testing: APIs, web services, microservices
  • Complex application behavior replay for system wide load testing
Identify and React

Identify and React

  • Identify quickly performance bottlenecks
  • Generate and share detailed load test metrics and reports
  • Real-time monitoring of the application infrastructure
DevOps load testing with NeoLoad

Load Testing Platform Designed for Agile and DevOps

  • Automate load test with your favorite Continuous Integration server
  • Automatic pass/fail result based on performance SLAs
  • Performance testing platform built for collaboration
  • Shorten the build/test cycle while ensuring software quality
Integration With Your Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Integration with your Continuous Delivery Pipeline

  • Automate load test execution with Continuous Integration servers
  • Integrate with functional testing tools to re-use test scripts and inject end user performance metrics in your load test analysis
  • NeoLoad API for customized integrations
Leverage your APM solution

Leverage your APM Solution to Enrich the Load Test Analysis

  • Establish performance diagnostic at a coding level
  • Out-of-the-box integration with leading APM solutions such as Dynatrace, AppDynamics or CA APM
NeoLoad Live Demo
Get a customized demo with a performance engineer to learn how to use NeoLoad for load and performance testing.

Supports Load Testing of Web, Mobile, and Legacy Applications

Unparalleled support for WebSocket, HTTP/2, GWT, HTML 5, adaptive bitrate streaming, APIs, IoT and many more technologies. Test today’s technologies and be ready for anything your dev team will use tomorrow

Supported technologies by neoload

Scale Load Testing

Generate load on your own infrastructure or private cloud with real machines or dockerized load generators. On-demand cloud platform: pick from 70+ locations around the globe and from multiple cloud providers through a single access point for scalable and geo-realistic tests

Scale Load Test on premise or from cloud
mobile load testing

Mobile Performance Testing

  • Record any mobile application
  • Emulate real-world mobile network conditions like 3 or 4G, LTE, WiFi, and more
  • Measure end user experience on mobile device


The fastest performance testing platform just got faster.

Using LoadRunner?

Faster test design and script maintenance automation

Better support for web, mobile and API technologies

Lower Cost of Ownership

Independent Reviews

Larry Kraus
Vice President of Technology at a retailer with 1000+ employees
It gives us the ability to quickly script a load test scenario and to develop complex testing scenarios. If you ever want to know more about your application, just recording a session can be invaluable.

Shivashanker Patil
Senior Performance Engineer
at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
With features such as easy correlations and a user-friendly GUI, it helped us to improve the performance of our applications.

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