November 2019 Release

What’s New in NeoLoad 7.1?

NeoLoad 7.1 marks NeoLoad’s beta support of Citrix performance testing capability, new continuous integration extensions to Azure DevOps, GitLab and AWS CodeBuild and updates to test management and transaction data. Tests setting can now be saved in NeoLoad web, shared and reused. Tests can also be scheduled to be run during off-hours. Test reports and dashboards now display the 50th, 90th, 95th and 99th percentiles metrics for transactions.

Citrix Support

NeoLoad now can record and replay Citrix deployed applications. The set of Citrix actions is compact and consistent for a better readability and easier to maintain scripts. Design faster with a live detection of texts and get a more reliable text recognition at runtime with modern and configurable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine based on Neural Networks. 

Citrix support is currently being released as a Beta. Please ask your Neotys contact or contact us here to get a trial license key.

NeoLoad Web Tests

The test settings for launching a test from NeoLoad Web are now saved as ‘Tests’ which can be shared with and reused by teammates.


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Scheduled Tests for Reservations

Schedule your tests to leverage your test infrastructure during off-business hours.

NeoLoad Web Reservations can now automatically start a test when the reservation starts.

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Percentiles in NeoLoad Web Results

NeoLoad Web test results now provide the 50th, 90th, 95th and 99th percentiles for transactions. These metrics are available through NeoLoad Web’s public REST API. Dashboards also provide a percentile graph on transactions.

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Cloud CI Integration (GitLab, AWS CodeBuild, Azure DevOps)

Integrate NeoLoad load tests in Docker friendly Continuous Integration pipelines such as GitLab, AWS CodeBuild and Azure DevOps. Neotys provides a Docker image that easily uploads a project to NeoLoad Web and triggers its execution from environment variables. Examples are provided with the documentation.

See neoload-web-test-launcher on DockerHub.


Speed up design time and increase design readability by using function calls rather than variables, and skip the extra steps of inserting JavaScript actions for simple functions calls. 

Wherever you can use a variable (ex: ${myVariable}) when designing a User Path, you can now use a Function with the following syntax: ${__myFunction(arg1,arg2)}. 

NeoLoad provides a number of predefined functions for new projects as well as allowing you to define your own.


Get more information in the documentation.


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Summary Panel for a Scenario

When using several Populations for your tests, use the new summary panel to quickly check that your populations are properly and consistently configured, notably just before running a test. It also enables you to check the total number of Load Generators used and the total number of Virtual Users that will be generated.


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Project Format for Externally Managed Version Control Systems

NeoLoad native integrations with SVN and GIT make it easy to use a Version Control System to version and collaborate on NeoLoad projects. For advanced usage and when the NeoLoad integration cannot be used, NeoLoad projects can now be saved in a multi-XML files format so that it’s easier to use your preferred VCS tools and commands independently of NeoLoad.

See how to change the storage format in the documentation.


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Other Enhancements

  • Search & Replace now work on Advanced Actions, SAP GUI and Citrix Actions.
  • Bulk delete and duplicate of Populations. 
  • ECMA 6 support by the NeoLoad Javascript engine.
  • Copy/Paste of screenshots on Pages, SAP GUI and Citrix Actions.

Compatibility Notes

The Script Converter must be used as part of a global migration plan and not independently, so it is now disabled by default. Please contact support to learn how to continue using it.