NeoLoad Technical Features

Test Scenario Design

Scriptless Design and Visual Programming

Loops, conditions and other “drag & drop” controls simplify test design creation, and Javascript can still be used for extremely advanced cases.

Powerful Extractors

Easily define advanced data extraction rules and save time by validating them against recorded content before running the test.

Check User Paths

Quickly check a user path against a new version of the application under test to identify changes that may cause errors.

Prefilled Transaction List for Recording

NeoLoad provides a pre-filled list of transactions to make the recording process faster. Pick from current user paths or upload transaction names from a CSV file.

Record Mobile Applications

Record any mobile application (native, hybrid or mobile browser) directly from any mobile device with the proxy mode or DNS tunnel mode.

Shared Elements

Share business or technical building blocks among several user paths.

Broad Technology Support

NeoLoad has dedicated support for recording all the latest web technologies like HTML5, Push, WebSocket, AngularJS, Oracle Forms and many more.

See the full list of supported technologies.

Advanced Correlation

Smart extraction of data and dynamic links from pages for variabilization in the performance testing scenario, with no need for scripts:

  • Pre-defined rules for the most common frameworks: .Net, JSF, Oracle E-Business, SAP Web and more
  • Automatic detection and handling of application-specific parameters

User Path Update

Quickly update a designed user path with a new recording and automatically keep variable extractors, think times, SLAs, loops, javascript, validations and more from the original user path design. Merely follow the User Path Update wizard to guide you through matching up the transactions between the new recording and old recording, check that everything is merging, adding or deleting correctly, and NeoLoad handles the rest.

Record Here

Insert a partial recording into an existing user path.

Web Secure Ready

Supports SSL and Kerberos, NTLM, Basic, Digest authentications, or authentication by client certificates.

Push Mode

Automatic configuration of scenarios for Push calls (polling and streaming). Specific push performance metrics.

Streaming Video and Audio Support

NeoLoad provides specific metrics for testing media content performance under load (video and audio):

  • Play length
  • Buffer fill
  • Lag length
  • Lag ratio
  • Bitrate

Advanced Actions

NeoLoad’s Advanced Actions allow users to customize the behavior of virtual users. Some Advanced Actions are bundled with NeoLoad. Others are available for download through Neotys Labs. Additionally, you can create your actions by developing an extension written in Java with a JAR file.

Runtime Test Execution

Live Debug

View each virtual user in real time (requests/responses received) for easier fine-tuning of advanced tests.

High Load Support

NeoLoad’s distributed architecture allows you to apply extremely high loads to your server – up to millions of virtual users at a time. On-premises load generators are provided at no extra charge.

Network Virtualization

Emulate users accessing the server with varying bandwidths, latency and packet loss with preconfigured values for varying signal strengths of 3G, 4G, WiFi and more.

Smart Population

Allocate your users according to their business profile.

Live Monitoring

Follow your infrastructure’s behavior and business transactions’ response times in real time. The alert thresholds enable you to detect any glitches.

Device/Browser Simulator

Simulate different browsers and mobile devices for accurate content delivery and parallel connections.

Add/Remove Virtual Users at Runtime

Change the load volume while a test is running.

Cloud Platform

Neotys Cloud Platform

Built directly into NeoLoad, choose from over 70 on-demand locations from 7 different providers so that you never have to run the risk of testing from within the same data center as your infrastructure.

Preconfigured Load Generators

Neotys Cloud Platform load generators are always preconfigured and up-to-date.

Results by Cloud Zone

Compare results by geographic location of load generators through the Neotys Cloud Platform.

Flexible On-demand Licensing

Purchase cloud load generation time by the hour with a NeoLoad perpetual or rental license with Neotys Cloud Credits, or go pay-as-you-go with Virtual User Hour Credits completely. See licensing option details.

Automated Tests Can Start and Use a Cloud Session

Users can specify the characteristic of a Cloud session for an automated test, using a mix of cloud and on-premises load generators, so that a Cloud session is automatically started and used by an automated test. The Cloud session can refer to command line only (not API) and VUH or Cloud credits. Tests automation allows more tests to be completed faster, saving time.

Hybrid Cloud Load Generation

NeoLoad can use both on-premises and cloud load generators during the same test.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Broad Infrastructure Monitoring Support

NeoLoad supports monitoring of a broad range of infrastructure technologies including operating systems, application servers, web servers, databases, and network devices. See the full list of monitors.

Threshold Alerts

NeoLoad provides threshold values, derived from industry best practices, to raise the appropriate alerts. Of course, these are also customizable to meet the specific needs of your business.


Import data from external monitoring tools.

Preconfigured Monitoring

Each monitoring module ships preconfigured with the performance counters tailored to your system.


The agentless design of our monitoring modules ensures non-intrusive remote monitoring, so you get the insight without the overhead.

Externalized Monitoring Engine

The NeoLoad controller contains an embedded monitoring engine for ease of use. Additional engines can be deployed in sub-networks to facilitate firewall configuration.

Results Analysis

Smart Analyzer

NeoLoad enables you to easily identify the root causes of issues:

  • List of events where the alert thresholds were exceeded (preset thresholds or user configured).
  • Portfolio of graphs to assist you in analyzing problems based on your infrastructure’s behavior.

Graph Boards

Create boards to group graphs by theme or test result for use during runtime and analysis.

Result Filter

Filter your results according to different criteria (period, load generator, transaction problem).

Detailed Reports

Whether it’s an overall analysis of behavior or an in-depth analysis of the data flow to a particular user, NeoLoad reports provide you with the level of detail you require. The reports may be generated in HTML, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word or XML format.

Service Level Agreements

Automatically check the Service Level Agreement for sub-components of the application.

Business Transaction

Analyze the results from the business perspective specific to your company.

Quick Compare

Instantly compare differences in performance from one test to the next.

Results by Population

Compare a single population to an average of all populations or specific populations with different client simulation, network settings, etc.


Share Test Designs

The Neotys Team Server enables sharing of user paths across teams. This enables you to have several testers involved in the creation of test cases which helps teams save time and be more productive.

Share Test Results

The Neotys Team Server enables sharing test results across teams so that you can have anyone analyze the tests.

Share a Pool of Virtual Users

The Neotys Team Server allows organizations with the NeoLoad Enterprise Edition license to share a pool of virtual users. Teams can share the software license to perform concurrent testing on different applications at the same time or use the full pool of VUs on a single application at other times.

NeoLoad Web

Collaboration with everyone involved in NeoLoad performance test execution or analysis (testers, developers, QA managers, business stakeholders/product owners) is available through NeoLoad Web, through either a SaaS-based or Docker-based on-premises deployment.

Performance Test Analysis

  • Draw charts
  • Compare the results of the current test with the baseline

Real-time test result monitoring

  • Track test KPIs while the test is running, before completion
  • During standard test launch from NeoLoad or during automated tests launched by CI server
  • Faster reaction time when a test shows a performance issue

Integrations & APIs

Native GIT Support

NeoLoad users who want to use the popular GIT distributed revision control system or who need to leverage corporate IT/Development environment standards can take advantage of native GIT support (introduced some releases back with NeoLoad 6.2) to improve collaboration and efficiency by having performance testers use the same Version Control as other teams.

Browser and Mobile Functional Testing Tools – End User Experience

Gather device-side and browser-side metrics from real devices and browsers by automatically launching tests in functional testing tools during a NeoLoad test. These metrics are collected in NeoLoad through the Data Exchange API enabling you to understand the complete end user experience.

NeoLoad integrates with the following functional testing tools:

  • Perfecto’s MobileCloud
  • Selenium
  • Appium
  • Tricentis Tosca Testsuite
  • Jamo Solutions M-eux Test
  • Ranorex
  • Inflectra Rapise
  • Quamotion
  • Any Java or C# based tool

Selenium Integration

In-browser testing has become a requirement for functional testing and Selenium is a widely-used tool for implementing these tests using real browsers. NeoLoad, the most innovative application performance testing platform has an automation feature that allows you to create a user path from an existing Selenium script written in Java or C#. By instrumenting the code wherever the browser driver is instantiated, NeoLoad can group several actions into a single business transaction.

In this video, you will learn how you can take advantage of this integration to:

Take advantage of this integration to:

  • Use a Selenium script to create or update NeoLoad User Paths
  • Measure the end user experience on browsers or mobile devices and to send these measurements to NeoLoad

Data Format Extensions

Record, variabilize and replay any “non-standard” traffic for any custom data stream over HTTP.

Runtime API

Start/stop a test or add/remove virtual users during runtime automatically through this open API.

Browser and Mobile Functional Testing Tools – Automated Script Reuse

NeoLoad provides the ability to automatically update user path and create new user paths using Selenium scripts through the NeoLoad Design API. This means that teams using Selenium for functional testing no longer have to manually update NeoLoad user paths. Agile teams, DevOps organizations, and anyone looking to automate their testing process can be more efficient than ever.

Selenium Java is supported; other Java-based scripts can be configured through the Design API.

Continuous Integration Servers

NeoLoad supports developers and testers with integrations to the most popular CI tools enabling teams to make performance an everyday consideration without delaying all testing at the end of the development phase. NeoLoad can generate SLA pass/fail reports in JUnit format for easy integration with any Continuous Integration Server.

NeoLoad provides an out-of-the-box CI plugin for:

  • Jenkins
  • TeamCity
  • Bamboo
  • XebiaLabs XL Release

Plugins are available from the Download Center.

Application Performance Management Tools

During load and performance testing of web applications, it is essential to collect metrics on the application components and application servers to effectively pinpoint and understand the causes of performance problems. Combining information obtained from performance testing (NeoLoad) with in-depth metrics from an application performance management tool can help accelerate the identification of root cause in highly complex applications.

NeoLoad integrates with the following APM tools:

  • Dynatrace
  • AppDynamics
  • New Relic
  • CA APM
  • Nudge APM

Design API

Enables the transfer of browser-based functional test cases (including Selenium tests) to NeoLoad via scripting.

Neotys Labs

Neotys provides APIs and extensions to customize and extend the behavior of NeoLoad. Neotys Labs provides different pluggable assets for NeoLoad. The different asset types are:

  • Code and Libraries
  • Advanced Actions
  • Frameworks
  • Data Format Extensions

Visit Neotys Labs for more information.

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