NeoLoad vs. LoadRunner

Which is better?


NeoLoad is not just a lower cost alternative to Microfocus LoadRunner; it is a justifiably better load and performance testing tool for web, mobile, and other digital applications. This is especially true for applications developed in fast-paced environments practicing DevOps or Agile methodologies. Sound too good to be true? We’re happy to show you in a live demo.

Significantly Lower TCO

The huge efficiency gains you get with NeoLoad provides a massive return on investment.

Gain efficiency on test design and updates time, on test analysis, on integration into your Continuous Integration pipeline and increase the number of resources able to test.

Skeptical about ROI?

Neotys offers a LoadRunner Script Converter that will automatically convert up to 70% of your existing scripts to NeoLoad, to accelerate the migration process.

How is NeoLoad different from LoadRunner?

Faster Test Design

Most testing tools (including LoadRunner) have a GUI with record and playback capabilities that require some coding to further customize scripts, but NeoLoad is different because there’s no coding required at all.

Correlation can be run automatically at the end of each recording, parameterization, and randomization of variables takes just a few clicks, and logical actions are all drag and drop. Customers tell us they’re up to 10 times faster at designing tests than they were with LoadRunner.

Script Maintenance Automation

Any regular LoadRunner user knows just how long it takes to maintain scripts that break any time their applications change. What good is running automated performance tests if your scripts break and it takes forever to fix them?

That’s why NeoLoad has a user path update feature that allows you to update a designed script with a quick recording and automatically keep variable extractors, think times, SLAs, logical actions, javascript, validations and more from the original user path design. This makes the script maintenance process 20 times faster so that performance testing can actually keep pace in Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment environments.

Better Support for Web Technologies

Neotys has consistently beaten LoadRunner to market with support for new web protocols (sometimes by 2-3 years!), but it’s more than just saying your tool is able to test a particular technology – it’s how well your tool is able to test that technology.

Many current NeoLoad customers were once LoadRunner customers who made the switch because NeoLoad was able to more accurately capture and replay traffic from applications utilizing technologies like GWT, Oracle Forms, Flex, adaptive bitrate streaming and more.

Out-of-the-box Support for Mobile Applications

Every NeoLoad edition comes out-of-the-box with proxy recording of native mobile applications, mobile device simulation and network virtualization – no expensive mobile package to buy. You can even run tests with virtual mobile users on your web applications with just a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will NeoLoad support the technologies in my application?

Here is the list of known technologies supported by NeoLoad: NeoLoad Technologies.

If you don’t see your technology listed, contact us. Often times applications use other technologies under the hood that are fully supported by NeoLoad.

Have legitimate companies switched from LoadRunner to NeoLoad?

H&R Block, Cisco, Verizon Wireless, University of Pennsylvania, Dell and many more were all using HP LoadRunner and currently test with NeoLoad.

Neotys has served over 2000 customers in more than 60 countries to enhance the performance and quality of web and mobile applications.

How long does it take to migrate scripts from LoadRunner to NeoLoad?

It depends on the complexity and number of scripts, but we’ve had recent customers who were able to migrate 400 scripts to NeoLoad in a week.

NeoLoad provides a LoadRunner converter to accelerate the migration.

Will I be able to find testers who are NeoLoad experts?

One of the best things about NeoLoad is that you don’t need to hire expensive experts. Most people who have used LoadRunner or JMeter have a very easy time using NeoLoad. Many customers even send developers and functional testers to NeoLoad training and find they’re extremely proficient after just three days.

If you’re looking to hire someone to do the testing for you, we have an extensive network of service partners around the world who are fully trained and ready to test.

Ready to see for yourself? 

Free load testing up to 50 virtual users, all protocol modules, mobile included, integration with CI.

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