NeoLoad and LoadRunner/Performance Center
What’s the Difference

Organizations looking to modernize their software development and testing approaches are evaluating options beyond what they have with LoadRunner and Performance Center today which gave them success in legacy practices. Here’s why…




Rapid test design

Slow test design

Low code or no code approaches

All code all the time

Automated script maintenance

High script maintenance

No expertise required

Requires deep expertise

CI pipeline automated

Not natively designed for CI

Simple to deploy updates

Several-weeks project to update

Change ?

Performance Testing for the Modern Enterprise

Why Customers Moved to NeoLoad from 
LoadRunner & Performance Center

Replaced LoadRunner with NeoLoad to performance test 50 applications quarterly. Reduced time to write and maintain test scripts by 60%.

Completed the same six-week-long project within the LoadRunner environment in less than two weeks using NeoLoad.

Scripted tests using NeoLoad in 1 day, down from 4 days to write the same scripts in LoadRunner.

Business Benefits

Ship High Quality, Faster

Create test scripts more quickly, across all skill types without requiring expensive performance engineering experts, update scripts automatically as code changes and optimize performance test infrastructure. The result?  Major cost savings in resources, time and cold hard cash.

Control the Experience

Ensure your business applications are reliable and meet your growing customer needs by opening up performance testing across all groups from waterfall to agile teams and make everyone a performance tester regardless of skills. Control the quality of all code before business applications are released into the market and know when you can trust the test results. Go means go.

Break the Silos

Break down silos in your organization and move your Dev, QA and Operations teams into modern testing approaches so that you catch performance issues early when they are easier to fix and the bugs do not adversely impact user adoption or the bottom line. Cross collaborate by sharing and communicating test results, reports, test infrastructure and test asset reuse.

The NeoLoad Difference

Rapid Test Design

  • Simple design for complex scripts
  • Automatic script update
  • One-click functional test reuse (from Tricentis Tosca, Selenium, Ranorex, Worksoft Certify and Tricentis Tosca) as performance tests

Native CI Automation

  • Automate performance tests as code in CI pipelines
  • Prebuilt API integrations with Jenkins + other CI servers/tools
  • Unblocks dynamic, parallel load testing in CI through support for Docker/Kubernetes 

One-click APM Integration

  • One-click APM integration for bi-directional Dynatrace, AppDynamics, & New Relic data for quick analysis & pass/fail automation

SAP Testing Made Simple

  • Simpler test creation, fewer steps
  • Native SAP support certified by SAP
  • Reuse SAP functional test assets Worksoft Certify & Tricentis Tosca

Easy Implementation

  • Expert level in 3 days of training
  • Thousands of certified NeoLoad resources globally
  • Tasks take an hour vs an entire day

Fast, Reliable Support

  • Create a ticket and get a response in a few hours from a skilled expert
  • Customer support proactively communicates

Simple Deployment of Updates

  • Few hours to deploy, simple Docker image downloaded automatically
  • Days to weeks to deploy or update LoadRunner and Performance Center

Technology Openness

  • SDK to build custom protocols and custom plugins 
  • Open APIs make it easy to integrate with development and business tools: Splunk, Tableau, Slack, etc.

We Make the Migration Path Easy for You

At Neotys, many organizations come to us from Micro Focus who need a migration path away from LoadRunner to a more modern platform that supports their traditional and DevOps approaches. We have migrated customers from LoadRunner and Performance Center to NeoLoad with the following migrations services and tools:

Migration Strategy

We offer a package of Customer Success Management experts who define a tailored migration strategy.

Migration Execution

We have over 1600 trained NeoLoad certified professionals who do the full migration for you.

LoadRunner Script Converter

We provide a tool that automates the migration of basic LoadRunner test scripts to NeoLoad test scripts.

Modernizing Test Scripts

When LoadRunner scripts are redesigned in NeoLoad, customers save time running tests because the new test design is native to fit within an automated CI system.

Request a personalized evaluation of what you can gain with NeoLoad today.

Infosys migrated 800 LoadRunner scripts to NeoLoad in 4 weeks for Dell.