Make performance testing a team sport

Enterprise performance testing today — as a function, not a job description — comes in many different flavors.

You’re testing everything from component-level APIs and containerized microservices to the aggregation of multiple services to complex end-to-end applications. There’s monolithic enterprise-grade packaged applications and frameworks like SAP, Oracle, Citrix, Pega, Salesforce, Guidewire, Finacle, et al. as well as dynamic microservices-based applications. Testing is done by centralized teams of experts (internal and external), autonomous development teams or a combination of both. The range of different technologies in play (both modern and legacy) is dizzying. Virtually everyone’s environment is some combination of on-premises, private cloud and public cloud.

NeoLoad allows you to standardize on a single performance testing platform across the entire organization. One platform that is both enterprise-ready and empowers all teams to move at today’s faster speed. One platform that enables collaboration across distributed teams, establishes a common culture of performance testing and lets everyone contribute to performance quality.

NeoLoad works equally well for centralized teams of performance experts doing complex end-to-end testing and autonomous DevOps teams of non-experts testing individual components and APIs. The platform is robust enough to simulate even the most complex business processes and user behaviors realistically, scaling up to millions of virtual users. But it’s also flexible enough for DevOps teams to design and run tests as code within the command line interface (CLI) or their day-to-day IDE.

 Why choose a testing solution that forces you into one camp or the other when you can have both?

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