DevOps Testing: Faster Insights Motivate Change

In DevOps (and DevOps Testing), a mindset of efficiency and learning drives improvement in delivering real value to others. The performance of your team, not just your product, is at the heart of tomorrow’s customer experience. Teams that have internalized the importance of getting their technology and culture right have a critical advantage over others. Flexibility in perspectives, skills, and process pays off big in rapidly evolving markets.

DevOps is a cultural shift in thinking about how software is delivered. The goal of DevOps is to [better] deliver [higher] value to customers. The archetypal strategy is to align teams on shared goals, improve effective communication and collaboration, build quality into the process of delivery, and accelerate teams through automation that works best for them.

Since performance testing is a key step of the software delivery process, DevOps teams require “right fitting” at various levels concurrently: people (affinities and skills), process (workflows, feedback loops, conformance), technology (automation, visibility, responsiveness). While Agile helped many organizations move from slow delivery models that were overburdened by hand-offs and procedures into a reliable delivery cadence, DevOps further improves the cadence to match market appetite with an organization’s capability to deliver value to customers through faster and more reliable applications.

NeoLoad – the DevOps Testing Platform

NeoLoad is a Continuous Performance Testing platform that provides real-time insight on business critical go-no-go delivery decisions. It’s fast to learn, flexible to match a variety of teams, and reliable so you can confidently integrate performance testing into your automated delivery pipeline.

The Neotys platform supports the following key DevOps principles:

High Degree of Automation

Build Quality In

Effective Communication and Collaboration

FlexibilitySupport for all major CI platformsMatches all skill sets and workflowsReal-time analysis for the whole team
EfficiencyGreater coverage with efficient re/scriptingTighter sync with development and release cadencesFast performance feedback loop drives fast fixes
UtilityReliable and scalable load engine in CIAlignment of business context across toolchainCentralized repository for test assets and results

High Degree of Automation

Integration into Your CI/CD Platform

NeoLoad is designed to easily integrate into your Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery platforms. It provides out of the box integration for:

  • Jenkins
  • TeamCity
  • Bamboo

The NeoLoad API let you easily integrate with other popular CI/CD platforms:

  • Microsoft TFS
  • XebiaLabs
  • AWS CodePipeline

DevOps Testing integration: neoload devops testing integration See how NeoLoad fits into a Continuous Integration pipeline, click here.

Increased Speed and Performance Test Coverage

Using NeoLoad, engineering teams improve performance testing coverage increasing their ability in scripting, re-scripting, and load test artifact management work. Waste less time scripting and spend more time delivering actionable performance insights with NeoLoad.

Reliable and Scalable Technology for Any Environment

NeoLoad can run thousands of load tests per day, tests that generate load from any geographic region, and even long load tests spanning multiple days. Support for Linux, Windows, and Mac ensure a right-fit to any team, architecture, and infrastructure you bring to the table. A load can be generated on premise, from the Neotys Cloud Platform or your private cloud. NeoLoad load generators are available as Docker containers which mean you can easily and automatically provision your load testing infrastructure when required, on demand. Learn about our support for Docker and cloud provisioning to jump in DevOps Testing.

Build Quality In

Match All Skill Sets and Workflows

NeoLoad is a low-code approach to load DevOps testing that is easy for everyone on the team to use. From click-and-record using any browser on your system to custom Java extensions and Javascript transformations, we’ve got developers, performance experts, and automation engineers covered. We also work directly with engineers to train and support diverse teams to get up and running with NeoLoad in days.

Tight Sync to Development and Release Cadence

High paced Agile, and DevOps development requires tools that allow teams to accelerate test creation, execution, and analysis. Our next-gen recording engine helps you retain shared components, data correlations, and SLAs between re-scripting cycles. Add on our Selenium integration for the fastest load script turnaround you’ll ever see.

Align Business Context Across Your Toolchain

NeoLoad integrates with Dynatrace, NewRelic, AppDynamics, and other APM tools to provide transaction-level tracing of performance metrics under heavy load. Understand your customer journey better with tools that carry business context between dashboards and reports. Learn more about our APM integrations, here.

Effective Communication and Collaboration

Real-time Analysis for the Whole Team

NeoLoad Web provides customizable, shareable dashboards that allow you to explore your data, compare multiple result sets, and isolate faults starting at the moment a load test is launched.

You can visualize response times, throughput, load infrastructure, and server health metrics all in a single view. NeoLoad Web also provides a Trends view for easy build-over-build comparison of performance metrics on multiple parallel projects, great news for your next team stand-up!

Fast Performance Feedback Loops Drive Fast Fixes

In DevOps, the software development lifecycle is a continuous process. And developers need to have continuous feedback on the performance of the code they deliver build after build. Performance testing needs to provide insights at the same cadence as developers release new code.

NeoLoad is a performance testing platform that enables this continuous feedback loop through automation and collaboration:

  • Command-line and CI plugins for automated performance test execution
  • API-driven everything for real-time load stats
  • Performance test results can be consumed in your favorite dashboard, whether it is in the NeoLoad SaaS portal, in your CI tool, in your APM dashboard or any of your other dashboard.

Shared Repository for Test Assets and Results

In DevOps performance become everyone responsibility. Your performance testing tool needs to fit perfectly into your DevOps toolchain and enable each team member to leverage performance load testing assets at any time.

NeoLoad provides advanced enterprise features to collaborate on load and performance testing:

  • Git integration to synchronize code and test version control
  • Neotys Team Server to share any test asset including test design, test reports, license and pools of VUs
  • NeoLoad Web on-premise or SaaS to share test results in real-time

More about DevOps testing?

Discover more load testing and performance testing content on the Neotys Resources pages, or download the latest version of NeoLoad and start testing today.