Intégration de Ranorex avec NeoLoad

In an evolving market where expectations are high for performance and quality, performance engineers and project leaders need to be able to automate their performance tests without being impacted by maintenance costs.
In agile and DevOps approaches, testers have to test more in less time, so automation is also a critical component for a quick, machine-driven software pipeline build. But how do you avoid extra work when automatically handling scenario updates?
With NeoLoad and Ranorex, you are now able to:
  • Run regression under load
  • Convert functional testing assets into load testing scenarios
  • Measure your product’s UX
  • Automate your testing activities within your pipeline
We have created for you a detailed tutorial describing how to enable the integration between NeoLoad and Ranorex. Everything is explained step by step so you can take advantage of all the options provided by the complete solution.
Ranorex Integration How-to

Intégration de Ranorex avec NeoLoad

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