Selenium Proxy Driver (C#) for Automated Script Maintenance and End User Experience


The Selenium Proxy Driver (C#) allows you to use a Selenium script to create or update NeoLoad User Paths and/or measure the end user experience on one or a few browsers or mobile devices and to send these measurements to NeoLoad using the Data Exchange API.

Type API
Version 1.1
Maturity Stable
Author Neotys
License BSD Simplified
NeoLoad 5.3+ (Enterprise or Professional Edition w/ Integration & Advanced Usage option required)
Bundled in NeoLoad No
Download DLLs, Nuget Package, Sources on GitHub

Tested wrapped drivers include browser drivers (ChromeDriver, FirefoxDriver…) and the Perfecto driver.


Read the “Integration with Selenium” guide for more on these integrations.


  • 1.1
    • Improved End User Experience context with OS, software, hardware and location retrieved from driver capabilities
    • Improved End User Experience entries with path containing / when using StartTransaction()/StopTransaction()
    • Transaction timers are automatically sent in EuE mode when using StartTransaction()/StopTransaction()
  • 1.0
    • Initial release
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