Whittles Testing Time on Adobe Platform from 4 Hours to 15 Minutes

Merrimack, NH – October 21, 2009

Neotys, a leader in easy-to-use, cost effective stress and load testing tools for web applications, today announced that Spectrum K12 School Solutions, the leading provider of student achievement management, Response to Intervention (RTI) and special education IEP software is using Neotys’ NeoLoad to load test its EXCEED/RTI based on Adobe Flex technology. By using NeoLoad, Spectrum was able to diminish load testing time for a single scenario from 4 hours to 15 minutes, reducing testing time by 94%.

EXCEED/RTI is software that provides one seamless, integrated tool to manage and measure the day-to-day activities, meetings, research based interventions and outcomes used to help all students achieve academic success. It ensures that teachers, support team members, administrators, other providers and parents can unite and collaboratively discuss student performance, plan interventions, set goals and objectives, track progress and analyze outcomes.

EXCEED/RTI was recently launched on Adobe Flex technology for a rich client experience delivered via the web browser. The server technology is Java based and communicates via AMF and XML to the Flex client. EXCEED is deployed either as Software as a Service (SaaS) or customer premise mode.

Prior to launching EXCEED/RTI on Adobe Flex, the company was looking for a load testing tool that could test both XML/HTTPS calls as well as AMF calls. The company determined that load testing was a key part of its overall testing strategy so that the developers would not have to create load testing scripts from scratch.

According to Chris DeLashmutt, chief architect at Spectrum K12, “We looked at a number of open source and closed source products, yet none of them could match the simplicity and integrated experience that we saw with NeoLoad. NeoLoad is by far the best combination of ease of use, functionality and price for load testing Adobe Flex applications on the market today.”

Using NeoLoad, Spectrum developers easily generated load testing scenarios and interacted with the AMF requests. This allowed Spectrum to identify hot spots in the application and make performance enhancements. Ultimately, this meant improved software quality, increased testing productivity, cost savings and shorter time to market.

“With our previous hand assembled load testing scripts, it took approximately 4 hours to setup, record, edit, and replay a single scenario–with NeoLoad, it takes less than 15 minutes,” said DeLashmutt. “NeoLoad allows us to maintain a very rich set of load testing scripts with a small set of resources. This is a major factor in keeping our costs down. NeoLoad’s ease of use and speed in creating load testing scripts also helps us test our product more quickly, which means our development cycles are much shorter.”

Spectrum continues to use NeoLoad for gauging the performance impact of new features and for helping to troubleshoot customer performance issues.

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