The State of Mobile – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. The State of Mobile HTML5

Tomomi Imura is a San Francisco-based open web advocate and front-end engineer with mobile focus who has been in active in the mobile-space since before it was cool. She has been developing mobile web, platform UI/UX, and frameworks for various projects and companies including, Yahoo! Mobile and webOS at Palm before joining Nokia, to work with the W3C and evangelize HTML5.

Tomomi Imura takes a look at the current state of HTML5 and how it supports mobile web development, comparing to where it was a year ago. To watch her interview, click here.

2. 10-Step Checklist to Build a Successful Mobile App

There has been an explosive increase in Mobile App development and submission (in app stores). Before developing or deciding to work on any idea of Mobile App, products owners are taking decisions keeping various marketing aspects in considerations. In success of any Mobile Applications the following factors play a critical role:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Monetization Strategy
  • User Testing
  • App Store Optimization
  • Marketing Activities in Social Media and Various

As for the Mobile App Testing perspective is concerned, a smart testers not only helps in maintain the quality of the product but they also play key role when product owner needs to take some business decisions. Read more of the checklist here.

3. Private or Public Cloud for Mobile Testing?

By 2020 the cloud computing market is predicted to exceed $241 billion. The natural question for enterprises wanting to adopt cloud computing for their mobile testing solution is whether to go private or public.

There are two factors that come into play when defining a cloud:

  1. Dedicated vs. shared
  2. Onsite vs. hosted

When speaking of a private cloud, we are referring to a cloud that is dedicated exclusively to the company and onsite. When speaking of a public cloud, we mean a shared cloud that is hosted by a third-party. Despite the fact a private cloud means shouldering the management overhead, we have no doubt whatsoever that there is no other option and here’s why, read more here.

4. iPhone Testing Tip: iAD

If you are a Mobile Tester testing iPhone or iPad App and if your app is supporting iAd then here a quick but important tip that a Tester should always take care of.

If your iPhone app is supporting iAd and for any reason you are not using this feature or may be developer that is planning to use this feature later on in any later version then make sure that the code related to iAd, moreover the iOS Advertising Identifier, should be removed from your code till this functionality is actually used in your app.

To read more tips, click here.

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