Meltdown & Spectre patches: Testing the performance impact before deploying in production

There have been many articles related to the potential performance issues related to the deployment of Spectre & Meltdown Fixes/Patches.

  • Intel CEO Krzanich: “We believe that the performance impact of these updates is heavily dependent on the workload” and further “We expect some workloads to have a greater impact than others.”
  • Game developer Epic has released a few metrics that show a 20% performance dip as the meltdown patch is applied to the Fortnite backend server.
  • Red Hat’s performance team categorized performance results for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (with similar behavior in Linux 6 and Linux 5) for a variety of performance-based benchmarks. They measured an 8-19% performance impact.

Spectre and Meltdown patches: dramatic losses that directly affect your productivity

This makes it more than ever necessary to run performance tests on your applications before going live in production when the application servers will receive these patches. We recommend that you do a performance test before and after deploying the patch, to be able to quantify the performance impact.

We are currently running a set of performance tests before and after deploying the patches on one of our lab’s application, and we will provide you with our benchmarks in the next days.

Neotys is here to help you with your tests, and to let you assess the impact of these patches with NeoLoad our super fast load testing solution and best in class expertise:

  • With NeoLoad, you can test your applications extensively for performance. NeoLoad’s unique analysis capabilities will most likely uncover some optimization potential so you can level out the meltdown patches. Download NeoLoad here
  • No other performance test tool lets you develop test scenarios as fast as with NeoLoad. In fact, our customers have told us they are 3x-5x faster with NeoLoad! Read more about NeoLoad here
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