Neotys Testing Roundup, April 2013 Issue 4

There’s a lot going on in the world of load and performance testing and it seems there’s more to keep up with every day. With that in mind in this issue we’ve collected some of the most interesting links from around the web. This week, learn about the myth of the “hero” at work, find out how to prepare for the performance testing world of tomorrow, hear from experts across many disciples on what are the 15 most important factors in application performance and learn how to transition your testing from a waterfall development process to the much heralded Agile.

1) False Heroes and Heroes Revisited

Hero. It’s usually a positive word, but at work, according to tester Pete Walen (@PeteWalen), hero can end up being quite the negative. It’s “heroes,” he asserts, who “save” a project…but often they’re the ones who created the need for saving in the first place by putting work off until an all-nighter is called for. What do you think? Do we need fewer heroes in testing? Check out the article and let us know.

2) Load Testing: Same Old, Some Old? Or a Whole New Ball Game?

This post, the first from our own Senior Performance Engineer, Hervé Servy, has already elicited a good bit of response from readers and the Twitter community. In it he discusses how the IT world and load & performance testing have changed since he started his career in the late 1990’s. Beginning with what hasn’t changed (i.e. websites still crash, developers still think their code is bug-free), he goes on to what has changed (i.e. more testing, performance is more important) and ends with what you have to do to handle the realities of today and be prepared for the load and performance testing world of tomorrow. So what do you think? Is load testing the same as it’s ever been…or a whole new ball game?

3) 15 Top Factors That Impact Application Performance

Ask anybody involved anywhere in the application development lifecycle if they think application performance is important. Unless they’ve lived under a rock for the past few years, the answer will be a resounding “YES!” With that said, lots of factors impact application performance. It’s not all on one team. So what can you, as part of the testing team, do to improve app performance? Well APM Digest is happy to fill you in with opinions from some experts across various fields. And maybe take a moment to read the other sections as well…it couldn’t hurt, and perhaps you can give a coworker a good hint.

4) 3 Tips for Successful Software Testing in Agile

Because it offers faster delivery times, higher quality software and improved project ROI, Agile is all the rage right now. The transition from waterfall, though, comes with the need to update documentation, train team members and define new roles. Testing is one of the groups hit hardest by this as you move from testing at the end of development to an ongoing process. The results are definitely worth it, though, so here are three great tips from Spotlight to help you get there as painlessly as possible.

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