When Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Runs Out, Consider NeoLoad

Back in December, Microsoft published the release notes for its upcoming Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 version. Included in the preview was the announcement that this version would be the last to offer load testing features. In turn, they offered up their recommendation of alternative open source load testing tools. It’s clear they are placing value on important open source tenets such as free to low cost, easy to use and architectural and feature plug-in capability. And, why not? Open source testing tools are valuable resources for the developer and DevOps community. The development of these tools is born out of the collaboration of engineers from all over the world, ensuring the products are up to date and implement today’s most advanced technology.

Microsoft is recommending an open source replacement for Visual Studio, but legacy users who’ve been used to a professional solution are likely to want a similar solution designed for the enterprise (as opposed to one that requires training and additional development). To that end, take a look at a recent post which dives into the true cost of free.

Let’s discuss why NeoLoad should get another look.

Your evaluation should start with NeoLoad’s core competitive differentiators. Coding is NOT required. Also, NeoLoad facilitates automatic execution of correlations at the end of each recording. Parameterization and randomization of variables each take just a few click strokes; logical actions are all drag-and-drop friendly. Fact, most customers who cutover to NeoLoad (including LoadRunner and Visual Studio), tell us that these features/benefits result in faster test design vs. what they were used to. 

Now, let’s take a closer look some other feature comparisons between NeoLoad and Visual Studio, and why NeoLoad is a better alternative to replace it vs. JMeter and Blazemeter.


Microsoft Visual Studio NeoLoad


Technology & Protocol Support
  • Microsoft Visual Studio supports the recording and testing of Http/web protocols; easily accommodates others like Database, FTP, SOAP, and desktop/unit testing.
  • Windows only; recording can just be done on IE, and it supports scripting with C#.
  • Support for recording all the latest web technologies like HTML5, Push, WebSocket, AngularJS, Oracle Forms and many more.
  • See the full list of supported technologies.
  • Scriptless Design and Visual Programming: Loops, conditions and other “drag & drop” controls (Javascript can still be used for extremely advanced cases).
  • User Path Update: Quickly update a designed script (user path) with a new recording, automatic retention of variable extractors, think times, SLAs, loops, Javascript, validations, etc. from the original script design.
  • Not to take away from your skill set, but not everyone’s an expert. NeoLoad removes the concern altogether such that you can focus on fast test design and execution.
  • Limited. VS Load Tests generate Excel reports for trends and comparisons. Sharing and collaboration can be challenging.
  • Be it for a behavioral or in-depth analytical view of the data flow to a particular user, NeoLoad reports provide the right data in many formats: HTML, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word or XML. With NeoLoad Web, you have a centralized and shared source of performance reporting the truth.
  • Your tool is only as useful as the data available. NeoLoad allows multiple reporting views and formats, including a central/shared venue for better collaboration.

Learn More about NeoLoad as the Microsoft Visual Studio Alternative

  • For more on what makes NeoLoad, NeoLoad see what’s new with the latest version.  
  • For more about how NeoLoad compares to LoadRunner, click here.

Discover more load testing and performance testing content on the Neotys Resources pages, or download the latest version and start testing today.

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