Healthcare Organization launches new COVID-19 emergency funding site in 1 week with NeoLoad continuous testing

In a record time of one week, a major Healthcare Organization developed a new website to distribute emergency funding to health care providers during the COVID-19 crisis. This aggressive timeframe was achieved through continuous testing of the constant code changes during the development phase. Rajitha Rachuru, Director of Performance Engineering, states that “NeoLoad played a key role because it was very fast in scripting” and that the “the test reports had been intensively shared with all stakeholders, including senior VPs.”

In order to ensure the scalability of the new website under realistic conditions of geographically dispersed locations, this Healthcare Organization was able to simulate virtual users with 35 load generators distributed over 12 different locations across the United States. This capability was available immediately to the testing team through the NeoLoad Cloud testing platform.

Although the expected traffic on the new website was 58 transactions per second, the performance engineering team was asked to validate the scalability at 12 times this capacity, up to 700 transactions per second — and the team went even further, testing at 1,812 overall transactions per second with 1,200 concurrent users and 2.56M transactions in 23 minutes.

Performance tests — including API tests, integration tests and end-to-end tests for the full application — were executed at all stages of the software development lifecycle, enabling the team to identify performance bottlenecks early and fix them rapidly. Nearly 40 load tests were executed during the one- week development schedule, leveraging NeoLoad’s ability to design and update tests quickly and its on-demand cloud load generation.

Rajitha Rachuru adds that “beyond the urgency of this project,” the pandemic “will change the way software is developed and tested, with an accelerated cadence of releases, higher performance testing velocity and the need to test more applications in the cloud.” NeoLoad, as a load testing tool, helps test fast to release fast, now and moving forward as software scalability and reliability become critical aspects of the DevOps movement.

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