Free Software Tests Are Better Than Free Bananas – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. Free Software Tests Are Better Than Free Bananas

Something has finally managed to knock free bananas out of its #1 spot on the list of things we’d like to receive for free. Software Tests now reign supreme, or at least according to Google.

Though data mining and machine learning techniques aren’t incredibly prevalent in the analysis, maintenance and testing of software systems, these tactics are quickly gaining widespread interest. Google released this TechTalk that delves into its use of such techniques to automatically mine system invariants, use those invariants in monitoring its systems in real-time and alert engineers of any potential production problems within minutes.

Watch the full video here.

2. Generic Testing Personas

Commonly used by sales and marketing teams to define target markets, personas are fictional archetypes based on the real world that represent a group of people who have common goals. This concept has made its way into product and software development, but it can also be incredibly useful for testers.

In this article, author Katrina Clokie defines six genetic testing personas (included below) that you can adopt when completing a testing task.

  • Manager Maria
  • Hipster Hilary
  • Careful Claire
  • Sneaky Shirley
  • International Ioana
  • Elder Elisabeth

Check out the full article for a deeper dive into these testing personas.

3. Important Factors in the Move to Mobile

At Neotys, we take mobile testing seriously, and we aren’t the only ones. As more and more consumers become dependent on mobile devices, companies are stepping up their mobile game to ensure an appealing presence beyond just desktops. Above all else, user experience will make or break your mobile application when it comes to winning and retaining brand loyalty.

Author Mukesh Sharma cites testing as the main solution for mitigating the risk of mobile app abandonment. In order for this massive shift to mobile to be successful, quality assurance and testing will need to go hand-in-hand.

Read the complete article.

4. Discussion: What Are Your Three Essential Tools?

It’s the night before you start a new testing job. You’re either on the brink of a nervous breakdown or you’re too excited to sleep. You pack up your lunch, double check your bag for office essentials, and lay out your snazzy “first day of work” outfit. You know what awaits you at your desk tomorrow. That’s right. A nice, clean work computer.

Well, that bookmark bar and programs folder aren’t going to fill themselves!

So here’s the question:

“You’re starting a new testing job tomorrow, what are the first three tools you install/bookmark?”

Contribute your response to the conversation.

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