Building a Better Load Testing Environment – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. Six Tips for Building a Better Load Testing Environment

Building a realistic test environment is essential for the success of your load testing, but it is also a challenging task that can require resolving technological, organizational, and security issues. Initially, it may seem like it slows you down from launching your performance testing, but think of it as the structural design of a skyscraper. You simply cannot do without it, and it will eliminate the chances of catastrophic failures.

This article can serve as a roadmap for building a faster and more efficient load testing environment that leads to quicker deployments. Read on…

2. Why Manual Testing is Still Necessary

Automated processes are quickly becoming commonplace across numerous industries, including software testing. Every day, more and more teams are exploring how to automate the vast majority of their tests to ensure that repeatable tests are executed while giving quality assurance employees time to complete other tasks.

The benefits of automated testing have left many wondering if manual testing is still necessary. Author Sanjay Zalavadia asserts that the resounding answer is yes.

This article dives into a handful of instances where a human evaluator is necessary for maintaining the quality of a program. Check it out!

3. Why Testers Should Get Involved in Requirements Engineering

Despite testers’ widespread use of requirements as the basis of test cases, many testers have little knowledge of or skill in requirements engineering. Testers should be able to determine, realistically, the level of quality and detail expected in requirements documents, what testability really means, and how they can help improve said requirements.

This post outlines five success factors that testers should dig into to become involved in requirements engineering in a practical, effective, and efficient way. Read more.

4. Discussion: The Talk About Women in Testing & Diversity

Rosie Sherry, a member of the Software Testing Club team, decided to consolidate several resources discussing the role of women in testing and diversity.

She concludes with her opinion on the matter: “My personal view is that encouragement should be given to anyone with good intentions to improve and advance the testing community a positive and ethical way. Change and differences come, one step at a time. To achieve diversity and advance as an industry, then we all need to be making an effort. Not just trying to leave it up to conference organisers to ‘make do’ with what they can.”


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