What’s New in NeoSense 2.2?

NeoSense 2.2 introduces new functionality to make administration easier so that performance monitoring gets easier than ever before.

Performance Monitoring Gets Easier Than Ever Before

Update all NeoSense locations from NeoSense Server

NeoSense 2.2 enables administrators to deploy a new version of NeoLoad to all NeoSense Locations, in a centralized way from the NeoSense Server.

Read the documentation to get started.

Compatibility Between All NeoSense Locations and NeoLoad Versions

Starting with NeoSense 2.2, locations are compatible with any NeoLoad versions starting from NeoLoad 5.3 and all future versions.You can use any NeoLoad versions to create the User Paths which will be used by NeoSense locations. This means easier administration and the assurance that you can always use your latest NeoLoad user paths in NeoSense.

In order to leverage this compatibility, you need to copy the NeoLoad plugin for NeoSense (if you have installed NeoSense 2.2 you can download the plugin here). This plugin is installed on NeoSense Server and automatically deployed to all NeoSense Locations without service interruption.

Leverage the Power of NeoLoad Advanced Actions With NeoSense and Neotys Team Server

Advanced Actions in NeoLoad allow users to customize the behavior of virtual users so you can accurately simulate the behavior of a user even for the most specific applications. You can now leverage this advanced capability in NeoSense when you retrieve a NeoLoad project from the Neotys Team Server, even if the project includes Advanced Actions.

Automatic update of NeoSense user paths

NeoSense 2.2 provides an option to automatically pull the latest version of a NeoLoad project from Neotys Team Server (NTS) as soon as it has been pushed to NTS. With this feature you are sure that NeoSense always runs the latest User Paths that you have designed.

Read the documentation to get started.

How to Update to NeoSense 2.2

If you’re a current NeoSense customer, here’s how to update your version of NeoSense:

  1. Download the NeoSense installer 2.2 (Windows or Linux) available in the Download Center.
  2. Prior to installing NeoSense 2.2, it is necessary to uninstall current version of NeoSense.
  3. Run the installer 2.2 which integrates the following steps:
    1. Backing up data
    2. Migrating data
    3. Installing NeoSense 2.2
    4. Installing the Network Emulation driver (optional)
  4. Download your NeoSense 2.2 license key from the Customer Area.
  5. Install and activate the license key.

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