Load Testing & Monitoring Flex Push and AJAX Push Applications

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Push technology is a type of communication where information is “pushed” by the server to the browser, in contrast with the normal “pull” principle whereby requests for information are initiated by browsers. Thanks to Push technology, your intranet or Internet applications can take advantage of the client/server mode while preserving their flexibility, optimized network transaction management and ease of deployment.

WebSocket & Push Support


Neotys’ WebSocket & Push capabilities allow you to:

  • Use Push management-specific design components: streaming and polling requests, Push messages. With these components, the various types of message sent by the server can be handled seamlessly and efficiently.
  • Automatically create a virtual user profile adapted to handle Push at the end of the recording.
  • Handle the supported frameworks’ dynamic parameters.

Supports the three Push sub-mechanisms:

  • Polling: the browser sends a request to the server at regular intervals.
  • Streaming: the connection remains open and the server sends data when it becomes available.
  • Long polling: the browser’s request is kept on hold until the server can deliver a valid response.

Supported Frameworks

WebSocket & Push support handles:

  • Push AMF requests for Adobe Flex or Air applications (Flex support required).
  • The following AJAX Push frameworks:
  • LightStreamer: Lightstreamer is a scalable and reliable Server for pushing live data to Rich Internet Applications. Neotys’ WebSocket & Push support enables efficient load testing and monitoring of applications built with the Lightstreamer SDK.
  • ICEfaces: ICEfaces (ICEsoft Technologies Inc.) is an open source Ajax framework that enables Java EE application developers to create and deploy server-based Rich Internet Application (RIA) using the Java language. Neotys’ WebSocket & Push support allows you to efficiently stress test and monitor ICEfaces applications.
  • TIBCO Ajax Message Service: TIBCO Ajax Message Service™ software provides a mature and scalable approach to pushing or streaming real-time information to browsers and other applications over HTTP networks. Load testing and monitoring TIBCO Ajax Message Service™ based applications is not an issue anymore with Neotys’ WebSocket & Push support.


A short animation demonstrating a load test for Push applications helps explain how Neotys supports this technology.

“Make sure it works!”

Thanks to Neotys, you can create scenarios to test and monitor your AJAX Push applications’ behavior under stress and validate their performance, while pinpointing any weaknesses. Realistically testing and monitoring your applications with NeoLoad and NeoSense means you can deliver better performance to your customers at a lower total cost of ownership. All of our consultants here at Neotys are experts in the field of load testing and monitoring, as well as optimizing applications and modern Web architectures based on J2EE, PHP, AJAX, etc.

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