Load Testing & Monitoring .NET Applications

Specific Support for .NET Applications

Thanks to Microsoft’s Visual Studio, it’s possible to develop Web applications using the Microsoft ASP.NET environment. These applications are easy to create but their architecture is complex, so testing and monitoring  them is complex too. Neotys’ advanced features enable complex .NET Applications stress testing and monitoring  without having to manually configure the test scenario. Neotys can reach for dynamic parameters in your application, and automatically detect specific .NET parameters such as ViewState. During a .NET application performance test, NeoLoad can also monitor the server infrastructure.

How It Works

What is the ViewState?

ASP.NET provides the server-side notion of a view state for each control. A control can save its internal state between requests using the ViewState property. ViewState represents the state of the page when it was last processed on the server. ViewState is used to track and restore the control state values that would otherwise be lost, either because those values do not post with the form or because they are not in the HTML page. The ViewState is stored within the HTML source as a hidden parameter in each form.

Neotys and ViewState

When submitting form parameters whose values change from one virtual user to another, the ViewState will have a different value for each virtual user. Consequently, this parameter must be extracted from the server response of each form and injected in the subsequent requests, for each virtual user. Extracting the ViewState is always possible manually using the VariableExtractor feature. However, Neotys is able to automatically configure all the appropriate requests to handle the ViewState and EventValidation parameters. After recording the scenario on your .NET application, a wizard detects the application’s dynamic parameters. It finds generic dynamic parameters and configures the scenario for you. It will also search for the .NET parameters of a specific configuration. For information on .NET application infrastructure monitoring, visit our page on Windows Monitoring. .NET and logo are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in U.S.A and other countries.