Load Testing & Monitoring AJAX Applications

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AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is the Internet community’s preferred solution for creating more fluid applications with advanced user-interactivity. In particular, AJAX frees you from the traditional constraint of having to refresh a page with each input. It allows you to build content that is based on user choices as he or she navigates within your application.

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Neotys has a number of features that allow AJAX applications to be tested under load and monitored in production::

  • Automatic handling of dynamic parameters
  • AJAX applications usually contain a large number of dynamic parameters. For these parameters to be handled rapidly on a large number of requests, Neotys can either use customized correlation rules or automatically generate correlation rules for your application
  • Separate execution threads
  • A separate execution thread can be created to handle asynchronous AJAX requests using a “Fork” action; no script is required
  • Support for Push technologies
  • Neotys seamlessly and efficiently handles streaming and polling using the Push support.
  • Support for certain AJAX frameworks
  • Neotys’ full support allows you to:
  • Test and monitor the performance of your Google Web Toolkit applications, using GWT support.
  • Load test and monitor LightStreamer, ICEFaces and TIBCO Ajax Message Service applications using the Push support.

“Make sure it works!”

Thanks to NeoLoad and NeoSense, you can create scenarios to stress test and monitor your AJAX applications’ behavior, pinpoint any weaknesses and validate their performance. Realistically load testing and monitoring your applications with NeoLoad and NeoSense means you can deliver better performance to your customers at a lower total cost of ownership.

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