Switching tools is a golden opportunity
to re-think & modernize your entire approach to testing

We interviewed 10 enterprise organizations, and they all brought up how switching to NeoLoad presented an excellent opportunity to reassess the way they had been approaching performance testing. This may in fact be the single biggest benefit of migration.

These enterprises told us that migrating to NeoLoad allowed them to take a step back, get off the LoadRunner hamster wheel, and rethink the way they had been doing things — especially their ability to embrace DevOps — and focus on what’s most important. The change in tools was a catalyst to look for new ways to simplify test scripting, automate script maintenance, clean out old unused scripts, and bring more teams of different skill sets into performance testing.

Migrating from LoadRunner to NeoLoad is a perfect time to think about how to make the transition to DevOps, implement an automated, CI/CD-driven process, accelerate testing cycles, and ultimately release better software faster.

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Discover what leading enterprises say about switching from LoadRunner