License Transfer

A Neotys product license may be transferred to a different machine. This transfer action disables the license key on the original machine, which will no longer be able to run the Neotys product using that key.

WARNING: You must disable the license key before uninstalling the Neotys product.

Once the license key has been disabled, it can be re-enabled on the new machine.


Transferring the license key

  1. Go to the License Management page in the Neotys product
  2. Select the Transfer to another machine option
  3. The Neotys product generates a disable request file named “license-inactivation.req”.
  4. You will need to send this file to Neotys by e-mail at or use the Deactivation Form
  5. You will receive a return email from Neotys confirming that the license key has been disabled for that machine.
  6. You may then use the license key on another machine.
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