Store External Data Entry


This action stores a value in the External Data sections of the Results tab through the Data Exchange API. This value is referred to as “External Data” in the Runtime and Results tabs. A typical use is to grab business-related metrics through a Variable Extractor or through the SQL action and store them for later analysis. The entry values can be structured in a tree by specifying different paths in the path parameter.

Type Advanced Action
Version 1.0.0
Maturity Stable
Author Neotys
License BSD Simplified
NeoLoad 5.0 (Ultimate, Enterprise or Professional Edition w/ Integration & Advanced Usage option required)
NeoSense Not Compatible
Requirements Java Client for Data Exchange API
Bundled in NeoLoad Bundled in NeoLoad 5.1 (See the documentation)
Download For NeoLoad 5.0: Jar, Sources

For NeoLoad 5.1+: Bundled in NeoLoad (See the documentation)


  • value: The numerical value to store in the entry. Example: “${myVariable}”
  • path: The string representing the list of nodes that contains the entry. Path separator is ‘|’.
  • unit (optional): The unit of the entry.
  • url (optional): The url of the entry.
  • code (optional): The string code of the status associated to the entry.
  • message (optional): The message of the status associated to the entry.
  • state (optional): The state of the status associated to the entry. Possible values are PASS and FAIL.
  • DataExchangeAPIURL: The url of the DataExchange server. Typically the NeoLoad Controller.
  • DataExchangeAPIKey (optional): The identification key specified in NeoLoad.

Status Codes

  • NL-STORE-EXTERNAL-DATA-ENTRY-ACTION-01: There was an issue parsing the parameters.
  • NL-STORE-EXTERNAL-DATA-ENTRY-ACTION-02: The entry value is not a double-precision number.
  • NL-STORE-EXTERNAL-DATA-ENTRY-ACTION-03: There was an issue initializing the DataExchange API client.


    • An example of values stored from a variable:
      • value: ${time}
      • path: time
      • unit: ms
      • DataExchangeAPIURL: http://localhost:7400/DataExchange/v1/Service.svc/


  • A full example of values stored from a variable:
    • value: ${executionTime}
    • path: variables|int|executionTime
    • unit: ms
    • url: http://www.myapp/script1
    • message: The handle is invalid.
    • state: FAIL
    • DataExchangeAPIURL: http://localhost:7400/DataExchange/v1/Service.svc/
    • DataExchangeAPIKey: myKey


  • 1.0.0 – Initial release






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