Why APM Integration with NeoLoad?

Traditionally, Performance Testers used to have to configure the necessary application monitoring in their performance testing tool. In today’s world, monitoring alone does not adequately provide the level of detail required for developers to be able to address performance bottlenecks as they had in the past. As a result, APM has become an important weapon in the Performance Engineer’s arsenal – producing details requested by developers, including in-production app usage visibility.

Why NeoLoad?

The NeoLoad performance testing platform is designed to help today’s performance engineers and developers save time. With advanced capabilities such as automatic script maintenance, Selenium conversion, and one-click dashboard accessibility (where shared metrics are displayed in NewRelic), organizations are now able to fully automate, provide visibility, and easily share with key stakeholders across Dev, QA and Ops.

Integration Overview

Neoload’s latest integration with Dynatrace OneAgent makes it easier and more effective to interact with Dynatrace than the previously-available Appmon-based integration. Using the combined NeoLoad-Dynatrace APM Testers can precisely analyze how the whole application and its ecosystem is behaving. The integration enhancements are as follows:

Testers can now target several system profiles during a session recording with Dynatrace
During a Dynatrace session recording, testers will now know exactly to which test the recording is associated with, in addition to the NeoLoad project name and scenario
Tester can lock their recorded sessions so that Dynatrace’s cleaning process does not remove them automatically