Standard License Activation

Before using a Neotys product, a license key must be installed and activated. The activation procedure will link the key to a unique machine. If needed, an activated key may be transferred to another computer by following the transfer procedure.

Automatic activation

A license activation request is required for activation to be carried out.

  • After installing a license key within the product, NeoLoad recommends to activate it automatically. If, instead, you select Activate through a web form, NeoLoad generates a license activation request file for you: see then step 1 below.

Manual activation procedure

  1. Store locally on your machine the activation request file (license.req) generated by your Neotys product.

  2. Send the activation request file to Neotys:

    Please select the license.req file on your machine

    Then, send the activation file request to Neotys by clicking the button below:
    Immediately after sending the license activation request file, the activated license key will be generated: If your browser does not automatically store it on your disk, use Save As… from your browser and save it.

  3. Enter the activated license key in your product.


Contact the Neotys Support Team if you need any help with the activation process.